A Little Bit o' Prada (and Friends)

  1. Ah, the spoils of a tiring day fun day with my tPF sisters at Southpark. Nice belt, huh? :graucho:


    Oh, forgot to mention the Bolide Web II. Silly me! :blush:


    2007_0920Image0129.JPG 2007_0920Image0131.JPG 2007_0920Image0124.JPG

    2007_0920Image0118.JPG 2007_0920Image0133.JPG
  2. They're all so gorg!!!! That belt is so yummy!

    And excuse me, when did you acquire that gorg Bolide???!!!!!!
  3. WOW!! Is that the Hermes that you had mentioned wanting in earlier posts??? She's TDF!! :drool:
  4. Very nice Elaine. Love that Bolide!!!!

    Congrats on everything.

    Sorry, I couldn't make it today. I missed ya!
  5. wow pp gorgeous , you look so hot. You look like you have lost weight. Sexy mama. HMM on 2 Hermes now I see
  6. Holy crap, you did it. Do you love it? VERY excited for you, my friend. ;)
  7. Miu2, Ya, dis would be de one! ;)

    Alouette, Ms. Bolide arrived on Tuesday, just in time to get a nice pocket square for her today.

    sjunky13, Actually, I have lost around 8 pounds. Thanks for noticing!! :yahoo:

    Deb, I missed you SO BAD TODAY!!! I had my conjugal visit with a certain piece of jewelry. Geez, I gotta get a lotto ticket. It's been 8 months and it's still there.....waiting patiently for me.....must be a sign.

    Tami: Yes, I'm in love! Especially after looking at the other leather and color options in Hermes today. There's no doubt this was the perfect choice for me. I adore the chevre de coromandel leather in the potiron color! Just made for me. :tender:

    PS on the belt: It's showing super metallic shiny in those pics, but it's very subtle. It's the same metallic treatment as that smaller bowler bag that someone got or was thinking about getting.
  8. Congrats!
  9. wow....U look fab!!!
    Love it all......!!!!
  10. Holy Cow PP!!!! A Bolide! I adore that color.. great for fall and every other season I might add! lol

    I have to say, I NEED that belt! Gorgeous! I love metallics.. especially silver. Checking that baby out at Prada on Saturday!!! Thanks for the pics and congrats on the weight loss!!! Woohoo!
  11. Thanks, Oh Prada Queen, Jill. I keep waiting for you to step into a little Orange. ;)

    Here ya go, sparklemint. This is the bag I was talking about above with the same silver finish as my belt.

    Oh, and the belt also comes in a soft metallic gold, too. :graucho:


  12. ^^I missed ya too. I was stuck in classes all day and will be again tomorrow.

    I can't believe that ring is still there. There must be a reason.......waiting for you, I believe. Did you tell you DH it was still there?
  13. :yes::yes::yes:
  14. Congrats PP. So, how much did that Hermes cost you? (Sorry not upto date on hermes). And it was me obsessing over the bowler bag. Have spent too much already. I need to take a break.
  15. Oh... I love that belt and the Bolide! And that beautiful scarf. They match perfectly. PP, you rock!