A little bit more info on Reissues at NM

  1. What they are getting:

    • med purple metallic, 226 $2695
    • med metallic silver, 226 $2695, 228, $3495
    • metallic gold, 225 $2425
    • jumbo, 227, in metallic green and navy, $2850
    in regular reissue leather:

    • white, dark red, and black (227) $2850
    • med, 226, black leather, $2695
    Classic lambskin:

    • jumbo, navy blue and black with silver hardware, $2650

    oh, they didn't buy red metallic
  2. thanx for posting savannah ~ so the dark red isn't a metallic after all then? ~ :confused1:
  3. So confusing because my NM said they ordered the 2.55 in "crackled metallic" in red.:shrugs:
  4. Thank you for sharing...I appreciate any info so much!
  5. well i'm off for a large glass of red & then bed ~ i'm going :nuts: ~ night all x
  6. I received pretty much the same info yesterday, but one of the NM SA's I spoke to mentioned that they did order the metallic red reissue... I'm confused haha. :nuts: :confused1:
  7. Thank you so much for this info, Savannah :tup: !
    This info apply to all NM's right?
  8. thanks for the info!!
  9. what is "regular reissue leather"? is that caviar?
  10. Are they getting the purple in a 227? Wow this spring is going to do a lot of damage
  11. No, they aren't. :smile: I'm down for a 226 at my NM, but I had to waitlist at a boutique, because boutiques are getting the metallic purple reissue in 226, 227 (what I'm pretty certain I want!) and 228. :smile: HTH! :heart:

  12. thank you - do you know when they will be in the stores?
  13. It is all so confusing - who orders what. NM told me they did order two of the red 2.55s - the smaller one and the clutch .... UGGHH!!
  14. what is "regular reissue leather"?
  15. "Regular" reissue leather means the matt distressed lambskin that is used on reissues, as opposed to the "Metallic" reissues which have a metallic sheen on the leather.

    Hope this makes sense :sweatdrop: