A little bit help please?

  1. Hi all,

    I have sold my paddy on eBay recently and my buyer just email me that she received the bag, is disappointed with it and want the refund. I've asked her the reason and still waiting for the reply. I have never in this situation before and I don't know what to do. I am a bit scared because I am afraid it will be baited and switch. Should I say no to her because I've mention all sales are final in the listing. What should I do? :crybaby:
  2. Wait to see what see says. Stick with you no refund though.
  3. Was yours the bleu nuit by any chance? Thats an awful position to be in. You could tell them (if they have a legitimate reason for wanting a refund) that if they send it back to you (with the same mail methd you posted) and its in the exact same condition, then you will grant a refund minus all costs.
  4. Wow, this recently happened to a couple of other PFers (if you search the posts you can probably find them).

    Did your buyer use PayPal??
  5. Is it because of the lock?
    Because I've been watching your listing for a looong period and the only problem on the bag was just the lock. But you wrote it, honestly. And the pictures were very clear... Wait for your buyer's reply and then decide: you could say no refund (and in your position, you can), or you can admit the refund. I'm sure it's an unconfortable situation.:yes:
  6. Thanks for the reply and yes it's the blue paddy, I'm still waiting for reply and I don't know the reason yet, but I assume it's the lock. The buyer has paid with Paypal but I'm in urge for money now that's why I've put most of my bags on sell. :crybaby:

    I've tried my best to described and if I'm not in need of money I will not sell my paddy, it is a nice blue and I don't know if I can get this colour back in future. God knows I've forced myself put it up for sale and I hope it can go to a nice home. I just never have this kind of situation and every of my buyer is happy with the purchase. Hope she gets back to me soon~ :sad:
  7. Hi~ the buyer has get back to me :p , it was just about the postage and the bag is ok. It was her sis sent the message and misunderstood her meanings, I feel kinda relief now~ :yahoo: Thank god and all of the replies, it just feel good to have someone talk to~ Many thanks~
  8. I've sold items on eBay as well. Although I've never had that situation with a buyer, I would tell her that all sales are final. Especially if it was clearly stated in your auction.
  9. get ALL your money out of your Paypal account for now.
    Find out WHY.
  10. I'm glad you got it worked out.
  11. ^^Absolutely! NEVER leave anything in your account
  12. Ditto. This is one rule I live and die by.
  13. Glad the sale went through. Feel bad about you having to part with the Bleu Nuit. It's irreplaceable. :sad:
  14. Can someone tell me why you need to do this? I mean if its to stop chargebacks - wont paypal just deduct the money from your credit card if theres no money in the account?

  15. That´s what I thought too.