A little birdie brought me a turquoise ergo today...

  1. More like a little toucan!!!

    New toucan keyfob and new turquoise ergo pics....attached!:nuts:

    Sorry for the blurry pics...my camera has gone mental today.
    IMG_1794.JPG IMG_1793.JPG IMG_1797.JPG
  2. Aww great bag and the toucan is cute!
  3. That bag looks great on you! Cute birdie, too. :smile: Hooray!
  4. OMG so cute!!!:tup:
  5. I just LOVE the turqoise! That tucan is just too much!! :tup:
  6. The toucan is so cute on the turquoise!!
  7. That toucan is too cute!
  8. Wow. Everything is soooo cute! I love that toucan!
  9. Thanks everyone!
  10. Congrats on the turquoise ergo and I LOVE the toucan keyfob!
  11. I love the combo. and the toucan looks cuter than i remembered!

  12. cute combo! the turqouise really is pretty:yes:
  13. the perfect keychain for the perfect bag! congrats!
  14. How cute! They go so well together!!
  15. I love the toucan! It is so adorable, and looks perfect with the bag.