a little baby coco cabas help

  1. can anyone tell me which black baby coco cabas would have this sticker on the chanel box (?)...i apologize if i've posted this in the wrong place gals...TIA :cutesy:
  2. ^^ also, did the '07 baby cabas cruise edition (north/south) only come in black caviar leather (?)
  3. ^^ where all the cabas lovers at?!?! :wondering
  4. I don't get what you mean by this?
  5. ^^ welp, i'm trying to figure out which style baby cabas would have that information printed on the box (?)...i'm guessing the information on the sticker i posted means something, oui (?)...i'm wondering if it will give me any information as to the year, type of leather, etc...unless maybe all black baby cabas' have caviar leather & are the same size (?) :shrugs:
  6. The baby cabas comes only in the washed caviar leather. It came in gold, dark silver, khaki, teal, black, and white (I feel like there's another color too but I can't recall).

    ^That thread is very helpful. It has pics of all the different styles of the Cabas (the original, baby, denim, patent) along with prices.
  7. PS - the bag in my signature is the Black Baby Coco Cabas.
  8. ^^ it's beautiful, thanks so much!!! :tender:...i looked thru the "coco cabas" thread earlier before i posted about this, but i'm still confused, because some people refer to their baby cabas as being from the "07 cruise line" & i'm not sure what that means...unless maybe they're all from the cruise line (lol!!!) :p...i'm just learning about them, so you have to pardon me :heart:
  9. 07P = 07 Pre-fall
    07C = 07 Cruise
    07A = 07 Fall/Winter
  10. It's fine. We all start at some place. I'm not even an expert compared to these other ladies but I try!

    I don't really label by seasons to be honest. I'm not that adept with what comes out when. The baby cabas has, as far as I know, been discontinued (for the time being). You can still probably find them floating around at select boutiques and/or department stores. I also just checked eBay yesterday and they have several styles on there too (but make sure to post in the Authenticate Chanel thread before bidding).

    Right now they have the Brooklyn Cabas out, and I believe there are rumors that they are re-releasing the original cabas (the one with the big CC's stitched to the front..
  11. ^^ yay, thanks girl, that's exactly what i was looking for!!! :tup:...my last question then, would be whether there was a difference in size among these 3, since now i know the leather was all the same (?) :cutesy:
  12. ^With the baby? I'm pretty sure all baby cabas are the same size. I believe the sport line had a different type of chain braid though.
  13. ^^ cool beans, thanks missisa :cutesy:...it got even more complicated when i read this thread below (lol!!!)...it sounds like they'll be a new baby cabas coming out for fall (?) :shrugs:

  14. ^Yeah honestly I have no idea what they're talking about in that thread LOL.

    I know they have the Brooklyn Cabas that came out recently. Not sure about these different sized baby cabas. Have yet to see anyone post pics of those.
  15. I have a question;

    Is it heavy? I mean the big CC sign looks heavy.