A little baby Coach box arrived at my doorstep...

  1. My mother, stepfather, brother, and stepsister got me a COACH gift card!!! :yahoo:

    :balloon:Happy 25th Birthday to me!!! :balloon:


    Ergo Tote in Camel and Large Black Carly will be MINE on Saturday! :drool:
  2. Ooo Congrats! What a great gift. And Happy Birthday!
  3. Buy something wonderful with your gift card! Have a great Day!!!:balloon:
  4. You can never go wrong with a gift card!
  5. congrats and happy birthday!!!!

    hope there is many many more to come (birthdays and gift cards)
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :party:
  7. YEAH!:yahoo:

    Nothing like Coach arriving at your door!:smile:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:party:

    Whatcha gonna get?:graucho:

  8. Large Ergo in Camel and Large Carly in Black :drool:


    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :flowers:

    Make sure you make the most out of those gift cards!!
  10. Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini!!! :party:
  11. That's so great!

    Happy birthday and post pics of your bag once you get it!
  12. Happy birthday...I'm SO jealous!!
  13. happy birthday and it looks like your wishlist contains good choices...:tup:
  14. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!!
  15. happy birthday! gift cards are the best!