A little Azur came today!

  1. The FedEx man came today, with a little something to tide me over until my LV spree this weekend. :nuts: :yahoo:

    Introducing....... Miss Azur mini accessories pouch!
    LV Azur Mini Pochette 01.JPG LV Azur Mini Pochette 02.JPG LV Azur Mini Pochette 03.JPG LV AzurSpeedy & Mini Pochette 04.JPG
  2. oooh soo pretty! that is the cutest lil thing ever!
  3. lovely! congrats!
  4. So cute!! Love it!
  5. So cute!!!

    (speedy looks good with wilson's!= no odd protectant marks!)
  6. Beautiful!!!!!
  7. mine came today too! isnt she soooo cute!! i was going to post pictures but....thats what mine looks like too:roflmfao:
  8. so pretty and cute. congrats.
  9. :nuts: congrats!!
  10. I love this little bag, please post pics of yours too!:yes:
  11. so adorable! i'm beginning to love the azur line more and more! :yes:
  12. Beautiful!:drool:
  13. lovingg it!
  14. so cute! congrats!!!