A little angry with Chloe....any suggestions?

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  1. This is soo frustrating.

  2. ITA. :yes:

    I don't know why their service is so poor, when compared with other designer brands. :shrugs:

    Oh, I know!

    I've sent them three emails, so far and never had an answer.

    You wouldn't think it would cost very much to employ a few people to answer emails, would you? :shrugs:

    Quite a lot of the responses could be standardised and/or automated, anyway.
  3. ^^^^^

    Absolutely Chloe & even the staff in the Paris boutique are very arrogant about replying - one liners & if they don't have the item in stock they just don't reply! Anyway I am done with Chloe, they've had their day IMO!

  4. Really? That's terrible. :tdown:

    I'm still hoping they'll get their act together, again. :yes:

    If I were Ralph, I'd be making a lot of calls to a certain former designer! ;)

    How old must Maya be, by now? Nearly three? Unless she's planning to have another baby, I'd have thought Phoebe might be beginning to feel ready to return to work, in a year or two; perhaps when Maya's at school? :smile:

    Also, how's Zoe Knight doing on her own? I can't find any of her recent stuff online. I wonder if she'd be prepared to return to Chloe? :shrugs:
  5. Haven't seen any of Zoe's stuff!
    Don't know if Phoebe will return to Chloe but can you imagine the interest if she launched her own line?? Has there ever been a phenomenon in the handbag world quite like the Paddington?

    Chloe, How do you do that quoting from different messages? I have to reply individually.TIA :flowers:

  6. She designed some bags a couple of years ago (and for all I know is still producing them, but, as I say, I can't find any new ones online).

    You can Google 'Zoe Knight bags' and they should come up.

    Of course, I tend to blame PMA who will (and as I think one can tell, definitely does!) have an influence on accessories; but in terms of the bags, if you and I don't like some of them, it is presumably, primarily, down to Emma Hill (former accessories designer at The Gap!). :biggrin:

    Oh, absolutely! :yes:

    No, probably not. :nogood:

    It isn't really for me, but I can certainly appreciate its appeal. :yes:

    Do you see the squarish speech bubble, to the left of the You Tube icon? You highlight the area of text you want to quote and then click on that to put it in quotes. :tup:

    You will have to delete any excess [/Quote or [Quotes, though (had to leave one of the brackets off each there, to stop it actually quoting!).

    HTH! :flowers:
  7. Amazingly a multi quote button has appeard on bottom right of my page LOL so trying this don't know how it will work. Don't know what you mean by you tube icon, am I a dummy LOL
    I see people quoting from several posters in the one message & cannot do that!
    Thanks for your help Chloe :flowers:


    Just editing post after seeing that No it didnt work for me if you look you will see some replies incorporated into your quote Chloe no splits like you had in my message

  8. I would call the Chloe boutique inside South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA. Ask for a guy named Roger. I recently had to order a replacement key/leash and they did that for me no questions asked. They were soooo accomodating and I didn't even buy the bag from them!

    The key/leash is $75 and the replacement lock is $100. IF you don't live in CA, they should be able to ship it to you. Roger said they can order any key and lock as along as Chloe hasn't discontinued the color. My paddy was from 06 and they were able to get it for me. It took about 1 week for it to arrive.

    I hope that helps! Good luck!

  9. Here's a pic of what I saw when I hit the 'Quote' button at the bottom right of your post:


    As you can see, I've added a red arrow, pointing to the 'Wrap

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  11. ^^^^^^

    Still a dummy that's not right LOL
  12. ^ Ahhh, don't put yourself down, Roz, I think it takes a bit of practice! :yes: :biggrin:
  13. ^^^^

    Will keep trying Chloe.

    Sorry again to OP for hijacking thread!

  14. :tup:

    It took me a good while to master it! :lol:
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