A little angry with Chloe....any suggestions?

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  1. I am really just wanting feedback.... similar experiences, help? I'm trying to get a replacement lock and key for my paddington. It was purchased it in Spring 2007 at Nordstrom talk about the run around.... No one wants to help, Nordstom tells me to contact Chloe, Chloe tells me to contact the store I purchased it from. It was a gift from Dh and he paid cash and of course I don't have the reciept, but really who cares who I got it from...it's an expensive bag as you all know..... I am ready, willing and able to pay for it. I'm not asking them to give it to me!! So frustrating....Plus, they are all telling me they may not even be able to get it in my particular color because it's OLD.... Give me a break it's a 2007 bag. I have called all over trying to get someone who's nice to possibly help me out....... Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!!
  2. I don't blame you for being upset about the situation but unfortunately I think you are pretty stuck. Did you lose the lock or is it just not functioning anymore? I would think you might be able to get it fixed if it's just not functioning if you keep pushing Chloe.

    In all likelihood if you lost it and need a replacement, it will be difficult to get b/c the color leather will likely not be available. Colors (even the common blacks, whites, browns, etc.) vary season to season and once they are gone they are gone.

    I will spare the details but I went through a very heartbreaking re-dying of my beloved mousse front pocket paddy purchased in Nov 06 and could not get a replacement in Mar 07... Chloe did step up and give me a credit since the whole fiasco was there fault and my original bag was defective.
  3. Chloe are a nightmare to get replacements from especially if the colour is no longer made.

    I am mad at them too as they brought out the agendas two years ago & haven't made the refills this year!
  4. So sorry this is happening to you, jwipf. :sad:
    Another thread about terrible service from Chloe and their authorised retailers! :tdown:

    If the original lock is faulty, or fell apart very easily, with normal use, it is your legal right to be provided with a replacement (for free), or, alternatively, if they can't (or won't) do that, to be given a full refund.

    You have contacted them within a year, so assuming the lock is faulty/damaged I can't see how they could possibly, legally, refuse to refund you. :nogood:

  5. Disgraceful! :nogood:

    Who on earth buys an expensive refillable agenda, with the intention of only using it for two years, or less? :shrugs:

    If Chloe sold them without intending to continue to produce the refills for a reasonable period (which I'm guessing would be at least 10 years for an agenda of this cost) and other refills (Filofax, etc.) don't fit them, it seems to me that they were sold unfit for purpose (i.e. as refillable) and so a full refund may well be legally due. :yes:
  6. It is ridiculous indeed Chloe. Other refills will them so they are technically refillable but the Chloe ones were so nice being leather bound, they should treat their clients better!

    A huge big one with Head Office Chloe also is the fact that they do not answer emails :tdown:
  7. You guys??? I know I'm showing my ignorance but what the hell are you talking about??? What are refills?
  8. I can't believe they are not helping you!!! You payed good money, for your bag (most brand new paddys are around 2,000+ $), and you deserve at least a new lock.
    Be it 20 $ or 20,000$ customer service is very important... I mean my silly Swarovski bracelet (only 55 $) was defective and the shop replaced it immediately.

    Be more persistent, contact them again, and I'm sure they will replace it.
  9. The refills (calendars/agendas) for the leather wallets that they made 2 years ago, now people arestuck wiht the wallets & no Chloe refills.
  10. JWIPF, sorry didn't mean to hijack your thread with chat about refills.

    Did you lose your lock or did it break? If it broke then it is the stores responsibility to satisfy your complaint, it is up to them to contact Chloe not you!
    If you lost it then that is not the stores responsibility & you would have to rely on goodwill.

  11. Roz thank you; I'm thought it might be some obscure purse style???

    In the mean time does an office supply store carry something that can accomidate you?
  12. jwipf-- I feel your pain and can sympathize since I was in the same boat a couple of months ago. I had a problem with the lock on one of my paddies and there was nothing Nordstroms or Chloe would/could do about it. These bags arent cheap and I just sort of washed my hands with Chloe after that. I had about nine or ten Chloes in my madness and I just think if they are not going to stand behind the product-- why should I give them my money? :tdown: I switched over to Choo. No offense to anyone in the Chloe forum-- you are all great!! I just got fed up with the lack of service (plus the horrid new designs) and so I called it quits.
  13. Thanks for all your feedback....:smile: I was beginning to think I was all alone! I may be washing my hands of them as well. Their customer service is horrible, I never in a million years would have expected this from Chloe. I kinda don't even want to use my bag anymore because it obviously looks like it's missing something!!! You guys will love this... I talked to a SA at Chloe yesterday who told me she could order a lock for me but it wouldn't be the EXACT color.... What's the point???
  14. OH that is annoying!!! :hysteric:
  15. Welcome Susie :smile: Yes you can buy a refill but it's just not the same, the Chloes were so nice!
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