A little advice

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  1. I happen to find a white/cream color vintage Gucci; after looking at pictures posted the bag looked clean so I purchased the bag ( it's my 1st Gucci). I received the bag and was disappointed there was some ink marks on the bag. I understand it's a vintage bag so it's not going to be perfect; however I don't know if I should try to get the bag cleaned or just leave it as is. I am afraid to send it in to Gucci because I'm afraid it will get lost. Any advice or suggestions?
  2. It would depend on how the listing was worded. If they led you to believe the bag was in excellent condition, I'd be asking for my money back. That's just me though.
    If you wanted to keep it, I'd probably just use it as it is.
  3. I'd try to clean it myself. I brought a pair of Chanel sunglasses (i know, a little different but also a luxury brand) into their store to be fixed, they sent them out, and lost them... Then couldn't replace them with an exact pair because it was an older style. Not worth the risk or hassle my opinion.
  4. Oh well.. i understand your concern after all its a gucci. try to give it for dry cleaning. Perhaps those ink marks might go away.
  5. ^ sounds like a lovely service but I probably would contact Gucci to see
    what they recommend

    WHITE is very TRICKY!!
  6. I just leave pen marks. Better to have a small pen mark than a huge stain. Unless get is professionally removed!
  7. find some white permanent marker and touch up over these pen marks. hope this helps
  8. Best if you can go to a bag restorer or leather paint supplier. You can have them customize the color of the bag and just apply to the bag surface using small brush, foam or even cotton buds