A list of Sellers from hell?


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Sep 20, 2006
I tried really hard to search for a "seller blacklist" thread like the one we have for non-paying bidders, but couldn't find one. Does one exist? If not, can we start one? If so can someone link me to it? thanks!!


Mar 22, 2006
Hmmm, that , i think could throw up a few problems, the non-paying bidder thread is black and white, a seller blacklist would be a very grey area....
We've had MANY a thread where we've heard a tale of a "terrible" seller only to have the seller turn up and put his/her side of the story across....
The best thing you can do is search the sellers name on here and google and see what it brings up to find out if there is any info on them .

See what others say though:smile:


want snow in Paris
Sep 20, 2006
If a seller consistently sells verifiably fake goods, then there isn't much of another side to the story....so instead of going directly to the authentication board, we could just run a quick scan of the "bad sellers list" first.
Dec 30, 2007
If there was a list, it would require additional administration. In order to add sellers to the list, there would have to be a certain amount of due diligence to ensure they really deserved to be on the list. If a seller thought they were wrongfully added to this list, could they hold TPF responsible for lost revenue? Might some even consider it libel? I'm not sure TPF has the resources or inclination to embark on something like this. JMHO.

Ellie Mae

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May 24, 2008
This is a tuff one, IMO... as I see the OP's point, and in some ways such a thread is no different than the threads started every day about this buyer or that seller. Simply the condensed version. And, there is an NPB thread, so by not an NPS thread?

SO... the idea has merit. However, my concern is of the occurrence that it becomes retaliatory. AND... I don't think a poster can just post a seller's ID and no explanation. Which will that lead to some posts becoming "a thread within a thread"...? IMO, comments to a post must be minimal or the thread itself becomes derailed. It's simply for posting ID's and a brief explanation.

All food for thought and comment.

My main objection at this point would be that the title is simply too inflammatory. (no offense to OP) IF this thread is to survive, it's need to be titled as simply and as "neutral" as the NPB thread. "Report NPS". And the posts that follow would have to remain non-inflammatory.

Further thoughts??
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Dec 6, 2008
^^ I agree, Ellie. I really like the idea but the potential for retaliation, getting OT, and getting both sides of the story make it very difficult.

There are definitely some situations where a seller is flat out unreasonable, no questions asked. But more often than not, a situation falls into some gray area.

As far as NPBs, that's a bit different because it just blocks flakey buyers from bidding/buying. For the most part, pretty black and white. With sellers, there are so many different situations that can influence how the transaction goes down. Plus, you're not just blocking them from bidding/buying...you have the potential to harm their sales. Some may argue that that's what they deserve for being a PITA but with so much gray area in situations I think it might be a dangerous path to go down.

And you can't really limit it to only sellers who refuse to ship/sell at that price (NPS) so where is the line drawn? :shrugs: