A Linea Pelle rival to the coveted Botkier Sasha duffle?

  1. This Linea Pelle Piper Double Weekender has similar proportions and a choice of straps (short or long) for a slouchy, yet chic look that is similar to the popular Sasha Duffle.

    I'm posting the link because the site wouldn't allow me crop a photo (think it was "Flash.")


    I like the leather-covered buttons and the silver hardware, both which make it seem less "flashy" than the Sasha.


    P.S. A quick search here showed that you can get a discount code for $100 off. It's a little less than the Sasha at $669.

    P.P.S. Does Linea Pelle ever have good sales?
  2. Off 5th often has Linea Pelle bags for $200 and under. I believe the one you're looking at was on clearance there a few weeks back for under $200 ...gone now though. But if you have Off 5th anywhere near and you're patient, maybe? The leather is nice and soft.
  3. I have 3 Biancas and I am a fan of this bag, but I think what I like about the Bianca is what you don't like:lol: I like the hardware and the more refined style. I use my large Bianca as a work bag and I don't think I would take this Linea Pelle to work.
  4. Sorry, I wrote Bianca but meant Sasha. But this bag actually reminds me more of the Bianca. Too much Botkier!
  5. Hi, sdkitty. I think we are thinking of different bags. The Weekender is a new bag that doesn't ship until October. DrDreaWisc--do you have modelling pics of the Sasha?