A limited edition GGH coming in November

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  1. In pivoine, available only in U.S. boutiques. I have no love for RGGH so I am psyched. GGH cities will be available but I don't know about other styles.
  2. Only pivoine?? That's no fairrrr!!!
  3. Yes I was told the same today by the loveliest Chiemi of Bal Las Vegas. She said GGH City in Pivoine coming to stores from November on.
  4. i really wonder what is balenciaga thinking?

    they should know by now that GGH bbags, especially dark coloured ones, are very popolar and well sought after. many people, inlcuding myself, are still tryng to get hold of giant gold bbags.

    and i do observe a number of people selling off their USED ggh bags on evilbags as such at retail and in some cases, even higher :tdown: do they rather see the profits slip out of their hands this way?

    this is TOTALLY unfair!!! :nono:
  5. although I agree with the lovely misstuberose, I am friggin pumped!!! I'm sick of having to settle for used, jacked up priced ggh bags!!! Does anyone know if these will be a staple? or LE as in "only x number of bags made" ...?
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    Only one color?! I'd really like to see more colors offered. It half makes me wonder if they are trying to use up whatever GGH they have left. Or if it's some indication that maybe they will bring back GGH(I can wish can't I?). Or they will just use GGH on limited edition bags.
  7. any pics of the pivoine??? I am stoked-GGH is my Fav!!!
  8. I wish they bring back GGH! It would look so good in S/S 11 colors.
  9. ^^ I agree with u 2 shai!!
  10. This GGH is a limited edition.
    I'm safe, tho I enjoy pink shades on others it's not for me.
    Look forward to seeing the pivoine GGH combo!
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    I'm super happy to hear that Bal will bring back GGH, even though it's limited and only on Pivione. I'm safe since I don't care too much for Pivione, but at least this is a step in the right direction and we can hope and pray that Bal realize they have done big mistake for discontinuing GGH:graucho:
  12. Now I'm torn. I am thinking if I should get my 2nd Bal (I just bought a RGGH Murier PT) as I'm so in love with the gold hardware! I initially thought I should get it while it's not too late... some stores may still have some stock... but now reading this I'm not sure if I should wait as there are signs Bal may be bringing back the GGH.
  13. ITA!!! On arodoise or nuageeeeee
  14. I'm not a fan of GGH, but their choice in color seems a bit odd to me. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Pivone, but this didn't seem to be a top seller. I wonder why they chose this color combo.
  15. ITA with this. :yes: