...a lil' nervous...very first brow wax/tint tomorrow!

  1. I don't know why I'm a little nervous about this as I've been getting bikini waxes for years, LOL!!

    Part of getting ready for my new job is getting in shape, wardrobe and a good hard look at my appearance. I have thick, wavy hair but sadly hardly any eyebrows. So, I'm going to get my brows done and I guess I'm nervous b/c I don't want them to be too dark. I'm used to using a little eyebrow pencil and a brush but that's is.

    Anyway, I'm rambling...you can see in my profile pic that my brows are pretty light. I think more definition will help pull my look together, KWIM? Thankfully I got an appointment with my bikini waxer and facial girl so she knows me pretty well!

  2. well good luck with the wax girlie!! i'm sure they will look great!
  3. Im sure it's gonna be just fine :tup:
    Although I do like your eyebrows in your picture.
    I always enjoy looking at myself in the mirror after having my eyebrows waxed, it really makes a lot of difference!
  4. OK...I'm done and I LOVE IT!! God why did I wait so long? They are darker now but very natural and she reshaped them...you can't really tell in my profile pic but they were thick in the middle and then abruptly tapered off too thin. She evened it out and with a medium brown tint it's so much better!!

    I can't post pics as I'm still a little red...guess I'll hide out like a celeb post-plastic surgery LMAO!!!
  5. As a fellow blondie, I recognise your pleasure! It is amazing how even a slightly darker tint shapes the face. I have had waxed brows for a while, but recently switched to sugaring which gives an even more pleasing effect. I recommend it!
  6. ^^ good to know, Miss S! Yeah I have naturally deep ash brown hair but was blonde as a child so I am a slave to highlights especially now with more greys creeping in. But even with thick hair I still never had any eyebrows! Weird.

    I've got a little swelling and some small pimply things above my eyebrows but a little Tend Skin is doing amazingly well to calm them down. There is another thread about eyebrow pimples post waxing in here and thanks to Hubba Wubba for the tip!