a lil' modelling pics(courtesy of some guest friends)....=p

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  1. ^^^they were doing the 50% off when i got the bag(4th of july sales) although not the entire store was 50% off.. actually my FIL got it for me and my SIL (she got the blue one)...=)
  2. That 4th of July sale was awesome. Kate Spade also had an additional 10% off coupon (good till October) for registered members of the North Georgia Premium Outlet. I bought the Tarrytown Maeda in Pacific Blue. Love love that bag. The Tarrytown Samson was a great deal as well at $108 including tax.

    Opps, sorry gals didn't mean to turn this into a Kate Spade thread. What can I say, I love purses. LOL.
  3. i've never thought about mixing coach with my other bag...i guess because i have alot of signature prints in gucci and lv so i think it might look funny....but the scarfs you paired with those bags look great!!!
  4. I just love those little Madison wallets