a lil' modelling pics(courtesy of some guest friends)....=p

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  1. thanks coachgrl..=)

    thanks krislynne...and for the price($60), great deal too...=)

    thanks oopsididitagain...=)
  2. thanks charlie...=)
  3. So cute!
  4. Pretty buys!!! I love the bags you used to show off the Coach goodies! Congrats!
  5. what great combinations... Love them
  6. thanks kaydeelynn, jeh3v and coachaddict....=)
    i actually got them all together without realizing they kind of complement each other's colors...=)
  7. I like the kate spade purse.... really nice esp the turnlock!
  8. thanks lavander tea...=)
    i actually got her too half off last 4th of july sale at the outlets....so that makes her a real sweet deal for me.im kind of trying to branch out to smaller bags as all my bags are big.hehe..=)
  9. cute purchases! i love the yellow bag/black scarf combination, absolutely gorgeous! ;)
  10. good taste, we're scarf twins 2X
  11. thanks jeye and davesgrl1...=)
  12. oh fabulous guest friends u got there!
  13. OH, I want that jewel scarf!! Was that at the outlet??
  14. thanks jelita...=)

    yeah...she was in half off too so even without the extra 20% off coupon that time i had to get her...=)
  15. Very nice. The scarves are a perfect compliment to the bags.

    BTW, the Kate Spade outlet may still have the extra 40% off entire purchase going on today. They have some great stuff too.