A lil' LV tease...

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  1. I know the Hawaii girls are just dying to see the new babies so here they are...but I'm just gonna post them one at a time...I can't show it all at once now...what kind of a girl do you think I am:roflmfao:

    I did damage at both the AM LV and Waikiki LV stores...as well as at Chanel. I also had a chance to hang out in the VIP room at Waikiki...what an experience! I was on vacation and I met some of the girls from tPF...what do you expect?

    So up first...my new T&B pochette...

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  2. :popcorn:I'll be checking back!
  3. LLVL, you are too funny....go ahead and post em all!!!
  4. More pics please! Let's see all your goodies!!
  5. aight, guess I'll be stayin in this thread for a while...can't wait to see the rest of your stuff!
  6. no be shame! put em up! that's my pidgin for the day lol
  7. be waiting.. :beach:
  8. hmmm....I'll keep checking in LOL

    So far....congrats!
  9. Cute Mini Pochette!! Can't wait to see the rest! ;)
  10. still nothing? I'll keep writing my masters and check in :smile:
  11. More!!!
  12. Dang...2 hours....no pics???!!!??? Hurry hurry....I'm on east coast time and am heading to bed quickly!
  13. More! I can think of at least one item not pictured lol.
  14. Ah well....almost 3 hours later....I gotta sleep.
  15. ????