A lil gift from a sweet TPFer

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    This came in the mail for me today from a sweet friend- she said I have saved her so much money with FP outlet deals and she wanted to send me this lil gift - I told her NO - but she replied in CAPS so I said well then - I guess that means YES....lololololol

    I have been wanted this style since it came to the outlet - I am a FP delete hussie but a MFF accessorie hussie - lolololololol
    I got the matching small wristlet at my outlet yesterday for $17!!

    THANKS again FRIEND!!!
  2. So sweet!! Congratulations!!
  3. That was very nice of her to do that, it's gorgeous .
  4. That's really sweet! Congratulations! :smile:
  5. Cute & colorful!
  6. Wow that is so sweet :smile:
  7. Love it!:smile:
  8. It's super nice of her. So cute!!
  9. Really sweet!
  10. How sweet! And cute! I love the poppy stuff....color..yes!!!
  11. The best thing about tPF is meeting new friends. Yes, we all love Coach and it is great to have others that enjoy talking bags as much as we all do. CforC has saved many of us many dollars allowing us to acquire more Coach things. She has also given many us the courage to fight the fight to get the price right.

    Well deserved Our Queen.

  12. THANKS KD - THANKS alot!!!!!!!!
  13. You are welcome. I'll box your other things up and send them Monday.
  14. Very cute, and so sweet of her.
  15. How sweet! The wristlet is a well-deserved gift for all your efforts on behalf of tpfers!