a lifetime of...

  1. buyer's remorse.

    what is the one bag that would tempt you BUT you know you would ultimately regret?
  2. If I bought a black birkin before I got the three-four colors that I wanted, I know I'd regret that :s
  3. Probably a croc Kelly/Birkin....as breathtaking as they are, I prefer the plain ordinary Hermes for my lifestyle:p but I love seeing the crocodile on others.
  4. A white Kelly, or one in very very light color. I am pretty careful with my bags but inevitably something would probably happen, and I would worry about stains, etc., that might be permanent. I have the same problem with upholstered furniture, so I know this is likely to be the same issue with bags.
  5. I think I would regret buying one more bag in the brown color family. Even though the ones I own are all different styles and color etc. I don't think that I would use one more as much as it deserves.
  6. Ditto on the croc....they are so beautiful, but my lifestyle would make sure that it just sat in my closet. :sad:
  7. Another Kelly in Black in different leather. One Black one is enough.
  8. Basically any bag with a bit of color... soooo tempting but....
  9. A croc Birkin. I would never use it.
  10. I'm with Tamarind--a white or any super-light colored H-bag.
  11. this is interesting. i love reading the different responses, and i think it gives really good insight for people contemplating new or first purchases, as well as helping some of us be self-aware when temptation is pounding on the door.

    oh, i should add that i found neeya's response interesting because it was such a basic that she is avoiding (for now). that's cool.
    and the points about "another" x in a favored color. very very helpful!
  12. I could never see myself with a fucshia or RS bag. The colors are beautiful, but just not me. God help me if it was the only Birkin I could ever have.
  13. agree with the girls that have white bag phobia! the one white bag i own, i'm ridiculously paranoid about...i can only imagine if it was a kelly or birkin! as it is, my DH laughs at me for constantly checking it for marks! LOL.....
  14. A kelly in a textured leather...as much as I'm trying to convince myself that I will have a heart attack when I see the first blisters/scratches on a boxcalf kelly, I just don't think I'd be happy with anything other than a black box as my first kelly.
  15. Me, too. It will just collect dust with me.