A letter from my Tokyo SA.

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  1. I'm really impressed by all the SA in Tokyo butiques. They are all so nice and helpful- really the best serviece in the world!
    This year I went to Japan for a honeymoon with my hubby and met there the best SA ever! She was really patient with my choosing Damier Neverfull, talking with us about our trip and honeymoon, Japan, traveling and everything I wanted to know about Tokyo. Unfortunatelly she wasn't working when I went for my second LV and I had to choose another SA.

    I was really suprised after coming back home to find a letter from this lovely lady in my mail box. She sendt us a LV greeting card, once again congratulating about our marriage. She also writed, that she was pleased to see that I come back to her shop for another purche and thet she was sad that she couldn't help me. The letter was long and so nice! I haven't excepted something like this. I don't know if it's common in Japan, but for sure I have never recieved a thank you letter from SA before. I'm sure that I'll find this lovely lady during my next Tokyo trip. I really hope to shop with her help again :biggrin:

    And have you ever recieved a leter from your SA?
  2. wow that's really sweet! unfortunately i can't find a good SA............. :hrmm:

    congratulations on your marriage! :heart::heart:
  3. Now that is true service! I love when SA add in that personal touch.
  4. Aaww that is super sweet

    My SA don't use to send me letters, they just call
  5. I've had both letters and phone calls from SAs. I think a thank you note is always a nice touch!
  6. Same here. But Congrats dollfie-lover! I love LV for their superior service. I wish for all SA's to be as sweet as this one. You are very lucky to have found a sweet SA. Again, Congrats on your marriage! :heart:
  7. Too bad she's on the other hemisphere :P
  8. dollfie- not for LV but ive had coach do the same thing. It was super nice! a little card saying how my scarf and bandana will be perfect for the winter and how cute it was and she enjoyed helping me, how she wanted to express gratitude and if I needed any help, ect. It was really nice.
  9. Yes, the last two I received, one was from the LV SAKS in Michigan and one of the LV stores in Waikiki Hawaii. I think this is what the SAs are supposed to do, its just some fail to do so.
  10. I only received one card from teh LV saks.. not from my regular LV SA. I guess it is totally depend on the SA.
  11. Hi There,

    Yes, received one from my SA here in Manila-- thats really sweet.
  12. Glad to know that more of SA do that :smile:
  13. Some SA's are really amazing!
    I love the personal touch LV gives to its customers
  14. I really wish her to be in Europe
  15. I love Japanese people!
    I took a few JP customers to dinner once and they have been sending my cards and gifts ever since ;)