A lesson on chloe colors. . . HELP!

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  1. Is the paddy coming out in aubergine?
  2. ^I believe someone here already bought an aubergine. :yes:
    It has silver hardware.
  3. There's a thread like that somewhere...
  4. gloss gal:the baby paddy has a metallic aubergine in LVR. Not in the medium paddy.
  5. Thanks Jen!
  6. great idea! I can't think of any other brand of bag where the colors are so confusing. It seems like it is the biggest issue for all of us. Never have I seen so many shades of red, cream, or brown....and then they change the shade and names of them twice a year to top it off. I would love a little directory of colors and what year/season they are from.
  7. Sounds like a worthy project :graucho:

    Count me in!!

  8. Yep, Ellay bought a gorgeous aubergine Paddy :smile:
  9. Here is my acier paddy hobo...it is a great color it has taupe, golden metallic look and reminds me of champagne out of a silver goblet.

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  10. That's HOT Tulemar!!

    (oops, do I have to pay royalties to Paris now??)

  11. I went to the trunk show today and bought the exact bag tulemar has and it is gorgeous. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is almost a pewter with a brown base in it. It has the silver hardwarwe but the gold would have looked good as well. It is a fantastic color. The other coor I loved was the cream. A beautiful warmer, darker than ivory but still cream, can good all four seasons. Cream is my next color.
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