A lesson on chloe colors. . . HELP!

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  1. :yes: I am trying to buy a paddy from luisaviaroma and I am having a hard time deciding on the colors because they don't have samples of colors of the bags please help!

    What is muscad, castor, aubergine, mastic and acier>

    HELP!!! Girls. I know it sounds stupid but I don't want to make a mistake in choosing a color

    Another question: What do you think guy think of the baby paddington?
  2. Two of us have muscade on the way! Very nervous about it. It is in stock at Chloe in NY. I was told it is the color of the spice nutmeg. I have a thread called "what color is nuymeg", if you read it you will see what a few of us have been told about muscade. I will post pics when I receive it. It is being shipped to me. I think castor looks very pretty on LVR, but no idea the true color.
  3. thanks triplets, i hope you can post pics when you get your bag. These names are really hard to describe. who wouldve thought it would be soooo difficult to choose a color!!! : )
  4. Difficult to choose?? Erm, well, most of us just buy as many different colors as we can! These bags are sooo addictive (entire thread devoted to that still couldn't quite explain the phenom!). I have two plus one on the way and I am STILL looking for a blanc/sable/craie!! :nuts:

  5. :yahoo:congrats hmwe, unfortunately, I don't have the budget to buy plenty of bags:crybaby: bohoo. So the color needs to be what I really need at the momen. I have a pink and white Bbag. So I thought of going for a darker colored chloe bag. I have the fendi spy in cognac. So what do you think is a great color? I was leaning toward jade or navy since I want a silver padlock. I hate it when the padlock gets discolored. I had a dark grey which I sold because it was toooooo heavy for me. So I am leaning to buy a baby paddy.

  6. Jen0575, I have the mousse with the silver lock and I think it goes fabulously with a ton of different colors!! I have to admit, between it and my choco, I favor the mousse. Good luck! And since ALL the colors are fab, you can't really go wrong :smile:
  7. Look at the cute baby paddy on aloha rag. They say it is gris, it has a silver lock, it is darling. I will say though, that I am confused if the one on aloha rag might be mousse, because I was talking to a SA at Chloe who was telling me they had the gris color in other styles, not a paddy yet....and she said it had a brass lock, not silver. So I am confused. But none-the-less the one on aloha rag claims to be gris and sports a silver padlock
  8. I believe the one on Aloha Rag is a grisvert. It's much grey-er than my mousse. Plus the pics on LVR also show a silver lock.

    Interstingly enough though, my tag from the mousse tells me that the silver lock is made out of brass!

  9. great minds think alike hmwe. I was leaning towards a mouse or gris vert.

    triplets i think that would be a lovely color!!!, have you decided on a medium or baby paddy? Girl, im going for a baby paddy. the medium was too much weight for me. I am 5'2 100lbs. : ) with 6 month old infant in tow lol.
  10. jen....I like the medium size. I am 5'4 and about 108lbs. I also have 15 month old triplets and a 4 yr old in tow, and I still don't think medium is too big. I have a Prada antic cervo drawstring bag posted on that thread that I am struggling with, because to me IT is big, despite what others say. I really, truly don't find the medium to be too big. BUT, I sure would love to see someone buy a baby and post pictures to show the proportions...hint hint!!
  11. I would go with mousse or grisvert, but I prefer mousse! It's such a unique color. :heart:
  12. I would love to see a thread of just photos of Chloe colors. That way we could all easily refer to past and current posts when we are trying to figure out a color. The cremes and whites, grays, and reds all in one place.
  13. ^ Yeah!! A mod should sticky a thread like that with *only* posts supplying pictures and the name of the color/style. I think it would be a great resource tool! :yes:
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