A Legende unveiled

  1. After months of waiting (ok...maybe 1 month), I finally managed to get hold of the new Legende Moghole scarf! Thank you plum blossom!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. Wow....what a beautiful scarf. Congrats!
  3. The details are so amazing! It reminds me of my safari in Ranthambhore, except that I haven't spotted the tigers on the scarf yet.
  4. more photos!
    IMG_1948_1.jpg IMG_1951_1.jpg
  5. Thanks PB for the photos!
  6. What a gorgeous scarf --Congratulations and thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures w/ us!
  7. oh no i think I need one of these.
  8. has anyone seen these in the USA yet?
  9. This is gorgeous!
  10. My friend bought the scarf for me at the Madison branch!
  11. So gorgeous!!! Congratualations!
  12. You're most welcome.

    Can't wait to see how you're going to use it.
  13. Beautiful Scarf Congrats!!!!!I think I need one too! I never saw one IRL and I was scarf shoppin' before Christmas, and the bump:shrugs:
  14. Oh MAN!!!!! That's beautiful! I'm SUCH a sucker for those contrast hems, too........
  15. what a beauty!