a leather i can't find the reference book

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-Hermes...QQcmdZViewItem

    Does anyone know this leather? I couldn't find it in the reference book here. Is it light/heavy, soft/hard, water/scratch resistance? Sorry for many qs. Need to make sure b4 a purchase:smile:
  2. I can't get the link to work
  3. I cannot get it to work either.
  4. Queenie, don't you think this looks so much like Blue Brighton in Clemence? :graucho:
  5. It does! I wanted to say this at the Authentic thread but realised it's A stamp so it definitely can't be BB. :smile:
  6. thx ladies for the thread. I hope it's not too heavy. I love light bags...
  7. I had a 40 Ardenne Birkin, and it's a lighter leather than Togo or Clemence. In fact it's one of my all time favourite H leathers, and I'm really sad that it's discontinued, b/c I would certainly have bought other bags in this leather.