A lazy cat [pic]

  1. Spotted in SoHo today.


  2. Lazy cat or dead cat picture??:wtf: :P
  3. lol looks dead to me too. hahahaha!
  4. Oh it was moving alright!
  5. Lol!
  6. The kitty is so cute! :love: I hope she isn't dead.:cry: Maybe she's just relaxing in the sun.:yes:
  7. that's hilarious! LOL!

    Did you take that pic?
  8. Yeah I did. Today, while touring through NYC.
  9. The kitty was moving a bit and basking in the sun... really funny!!!!
  10. OMG, i love it, i photograph kitties on the streets of nyc all the time :tender:...below is a kitty i met outside a flower shop on 23rd street...his name is scotty & he lives & works @ "scott's flowers" :P
    041906_12341.jpg 050806_14125.jpg 041906_12322.jpg
  11. That's SO cute she was just sunning herself! Great shot!
  12. Vlad and I have been taking TONS of pics!!!! But this cracked us up bigg time!!

    Good pics alabama!!
  13. hmmm, i wish it was sunny over here!!! but i did see a dead cat once on my way to work... that was so sad that it made me cry! :crybaby:

    SEND SOME SUNSHINE THIS WAY!!!! :wlae: :wlae:
  14. Another lazy cat

    lazy day.jpg
  15. How cute & funny. Thanks for all the cute cat pictures, I love them. =)
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