A lazy baglady - am I the only one?


Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
So I just came across the perfect hobo. It's a preloved black Liebeskind Ramona, simple and versatile. I paid close to nothing for it - around 20% of its original price - and there really is nothing wrong with the bag as is. The only thing someone might not be into...the bag's been used alot. A. LOT.
As a result the leather has gone all soft and smooshy and almost lost its shape. It just puddles when I set it down. I never carry one bag enough to get the leather to do that. I have so many bags in my rotation, they hardly get any signs of wear. So what do I do? I buy preloved. Someone else has done the work and I get to enjoy the soft smoosh! The best thing ever. And with no need to carry around the same bag daily for years.

Anyone else here who's as lazy as me? :biggrin:
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Mar 3, 2017
We'd make a good pair. I don't like it when the leather get soft like that. So if you ever want to buy a bag but don't want to have to have to wear it for so long, I'll carry it around for you.
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