A late reveal but better late than never!

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  1. It's been a long while since I last posted, was just looking for my previous reveal thread and realised it was a good two years ago!!


    Back then, I had just started and was so very addicted to all things orange, who would have though that two years later (and three years into my H journey), I would be even more addicted than before, branching out into other areas like homeware, rtw, jewellery etc...

    I had somewhat hoped I wouldn't be quite so enthusiastic or passionate about Hermes by now, gosh. I wonder if this love affair would ever run its course?? :cool:

    Well over the years I have accumulated too many things to reveal them all at one shot, so I decided to reveal them in parts. Hence, today's reveal will just be of some of the bags I own in the pink color family and some of the stories behind them. :P

    Hope you will enjoy the reveal! :biggrin:
  2. yay live reveal!! ready and waiting!!
  3. wow wow........can't wait ........
  4. here too...
  5. ooh hello sydspy you are one step ahead of me *sits down next to you*

    yes! a live reveal! just the thing to liven up my dull day at work :smile:
  6. Hehe I didn't take the introductory shot of the obligatory tower of H boxes as all my boxes are in storage and it was just too much trouble to take them down from above my closets for a picture.

    I usually keep my bags in their dustbags and with their stuffing inside to maintain their shapes.. so here's some of my pink bags all lined up in a row with their dustbags on.

    Don't they look so cute??? :graucho:

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  7. ^ aww pink little piggies all lined up ready to be stripped
  8. holy shoot!!
  9. I'm sure many of you can guess what bags are under those dustbags, so I won't be doing any strip teases hehe.

    Lets do the reveal of bags from right to left!

    Here's the first one, which was also coincidentally my first constance in the 24cm size. I had always preferred the elan size for constance and had never considered the 24cm ones before, until a dear friend (and one of my WORST enablers ever good god) told me to try the 24cm and that I would love it.

    Alas, when I tried one on for the very first time, it was instant lovee and now I'm desperately trying to look for more constances in this size. Said mission isn't going too well currently though, as it seems constances are getting rarer. Why oh why do I always jump onto the bandwagon too late?!

    So here she is, introducing my tosca epsom constance 24! :graucho:

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  10. I'm here! *waving hysterically*
  11. I know this is gonna be good cos I love pinks. That's a fab Constance to start with!
  12. oh gosh the constance. it's so pretty
  13. WooooHoooooo! Bring it all on!!!
  14. Here's another picture of the constance that shows a better view of her bottom. I was quite surprised to discover that the 24cm was actually significantly roomier than the elan, even though the elan looks (to me) to be wider and bigger than the 24.

    I've come to realize though, that this roominess of the 24cm can be attributed to her 2 compartments, whereas the elan only has one. I also like how nicely the 24cm sits on my hip when done single strap as compared to the elan as I'm somewhat lacking in the height department.

    Tosca is also a wonderful color that I've come to really love, as its purpley pinkey tones make it so easy to match with so many outfits! But tosca has also caused me quite some heartache, as I've been waiting on a tosca kelly for AGES and I'm wondering if there is still any tosca trickling into the stores or has my order for the tosca kelly been cancelled. :crybaby::cry::shucks::sad:

    Luckily I managed to score this constance or I would have missed out on this amazing color completely!!

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  15. Beautiful Constance! Show us the other bags! I can't wait!!! :woohoo: