A late Mulberry Christmas treat for me!

  1. Yay! Just hit Buy-It-Now on a chocolate Rosemary :yahoo:
    Can't wait 'till it gets here!

  2. :tup::tup::tup:Yay Pigen!!!! Lovely bag and I'm sure you'll love it!!

    Merry Christmas!!!! xxxxxx
  3. Nice work . love the bag , is it a eBay sale , from a safe seller ??
  4. Thank you both! :winkiss:
    Yes, it's an eBay buy... I got JazzyJay to authenticate so hopefully that is the exact bag I receive! I have been lucky with Mulberry on eBay before, so I hope that everything goes smoothly this time also.. I haven't purchased from this seller before, but her feedback is good so fingers crossed!
  5. Congratulations!!!!
  6. Congratulations! It´s a lovely bag and there are soooo many of them out there! As a "newbeginner" I just keep on finding new desireable Mulberries ALL the time! Can´t be good for the bankaccount (not to mention household-peace...).

    Merry Christmas!:tup:
  7. Thank you! Yep, I know what you mean! It is so frustrating that there are so many gorgeous bag and not enough funds! :hysteric:
    I just paid for this beauty and here I am thinking of more bags already... But I think a ban is a good idea for me untill I sell something to cover my next purchase :shame:
  8. congrats! it's a very cute bag. n i love the chocolate colour.
  9. congratulations sweetie!!!! Its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx:yahoo:
  10. Well done!!! Hope it comes soon:yahoo:
  11. Thank you, girls! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! :flowers:
  12. Pigen -
    Lovely, lovely lovely!
    Oh, do let us know your reaction/and post pics when you get her!
    Happy Holidays to you!
  13. wow congratulations, have you received it yet?!!? Do post some pics when it arrives!
  14. No, haven't received Rosemary yet, but can hardly wait! She was posted on the 24th so hopefully it won't be long now (fingers crossed!)...
    I'll be sure to post pics when I get my hands on her :graucho:
  15. oooh should be soon then, maybe tomorrow...