A late Christmas Reveal!!

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  1. The title says it all,I was really ill on the run up to and over Christmas,so I didn't get around to doing pics until today! I am totally in love with this little bag,I needed a practical black bag,one with a timeless appeal and quality,and for me this is it!!!!!

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  2. Oo,for specs,its a 25 size,although a bit smaller than the typical 30,I am amazed at how much it can fit inside,its fabulous!!

    And to dress it up a little bit,I have a couple of Hermes carmen leather keyrings that I can fasten onto the padlock,great for a little flash of color!

    (The color of the first one is Chilli,and the second is Rose Shocking)

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  3. Congrats. Love it :love:
  4. Congratulations!! I still can't decide if I want this bag in Red or Black?
  5. Beautiful!! Congratulations on your purchase!
  6. Congrats
    Love it and the carmen looks great

    I love carmencitas :P
  7. love it!!
  8. Congrats!
    The black speedy 25 was my first LV and still my greatest love. It really is the PERFECT bag; you will find that it goes from casual to dressy to business effortlessly.
    I'm so happy for you!
  9. Redenkeew,AAdams,h&bag_addict,xoxog,smellyfeet, thank you so much!! I adore it,I think the epi leather is lovely,I'm not someone who can carry monogram very well,I don't think its me,I'm not glam enough!But I have always loved the shape of the Speedy,so when I came across this,I was totally in love!!

    AAdams,the cassis was also stunning! The red was utterly gorgeous too,and I looked at the ivory one,and thought 'hmm,very cute summer color'! If I hadn't really told myself I had to have a black bag for practical reasons,I think I would have been very,very stuck trying to decide which one to go for!!
  10. Thank you so much!!I can't wait to get this little cutie out and about,I really do love it!! I can so easily see what you mean about dressy to casual,I can see this may not be the only one I ever own.......lol!!!
  11. Congrats! Great bag!
  12. I love the Epi Speedy 25 ~ it's a cutie, congrats!
  13. awhitney and SweetPurple,thank you!! I really do love it,its very cute and very chic!!
  14. just gorgeous! congrats!
  15. That Hermes charm looks fabulous with it. I adore your new Epi Speedy!