A last HG completed my collection: a little cutie from '05 :-)

  1. Oh I'm so happy ladies :yahoo: you all will understand the feeling when a HG arrived finally ;)! It was a long time to wait and to search - but with the help and support from my lovely PF-friends (you know 'who' I mean!) I found my last HG:
    the cute '05 Magenta Coin Purse :drool::heart: !!!! May I introduce ...:


    with her sisters: '05 turquoise, '04 eggplant and turquoise

    dear 'D' hmwe46 inspired me to this picture, it's the opposite of hers: '05 turquoise Work with '05 magenta CP !! (unfortunately not with the beautiful background of her pic, it's winter here)

    here again the '05 Works with her babies ;)
    DSC00873.JPG DSC00860.JPG DSC00862.JPG DSC00863.JPG
  2. 4 Works from 2005: Magenta, Turquoise, White and Bubblegum-Pink
    with 2 Coin Purses from 2005: Magenta and Turquoise
    and 2 Mini Coin Purses from 2004: Eggplant and Turquoise


    again my 4 Works :smile:

    '04 Eggplant Purse and '02 Black flat brass First

    FAMILY - Pic :love:

    I just LOVE it :yahoo:
    DSC00861.JPG DSC00668.JPG DSC00857.JPG DSC00854.JPG DSC00848.JPG
  3. Wow wow wow!! Simply beautiful! The turquoise and magenta compliment each other so well!
  4. So Cute!! Congratulations on finding your last HG!!
  5. WOWSAH!!!!! :nuts:

    What an
    EyEpOppiN' burst of color!!!! LOVE it~!

    What a great family picture...:tup:

    ConGrats 1stCLASS~!

    Happy Holidays ~! ;)
  6. Where have you been!! CONGRATS dear big sis on your HG and those beautiful pics and collection, breathtaking!!! :love: :nuts: :tup: WOW!!! :tender:
  7. Awwww thank you so much :shame:- you're so sweet ...:love:

    jo_ee, CoutureObsessed and oogiewoogie :flowers:

  8. Hehehe... I was searching my HG you know ;):rolleyes:! Thank you so much dear lil sis 'C' south.... :winkiss:
  9. what a cutie pie!
  10. OMG!!!! they're all pretty :drool:
    i esp love ur coin purses adn mini cp :yes:
  11. They are all to die for :drool::drool::drool:
  12. You have one of the most droolworthy collections anywhere. :drool::drool:This pic in particular drove a stake through my heart:heart:. Congrats on your gorgeous new find and on a jawdroppingly wonderful collection!!:love:

  13. your collection is simply simply amazing!!! congratulations on "completing" your collection!! :smile:

    i love this photo!
  14. :yahoo: Firstclass...wow amazing.
    You always have the best picks and the colors
    are so balanced, a little of each, though the work
    bag is huge, but it looks good on you.
    Congrats.....Merry Chrsumas to you....happy
    new years and many more bags for you.
    Your friend ; jswiss:heart:
  15. stunning collection! I love everything, such great colors.