A large lump on sheltie's stomach :(

  1. I found it today when I was petting him. It's really big, the size of a fist (he's a big sheltie though, so it isn't monstrous). My first thought was of course that it's a tumor, but even though it's rock hard, it isn't immobile or attached to any organs. It more just like hangs there inside his skin when he's up standing.
    We (my mom, sis and sis' SO) also considered perineal hernia, but I understood that perineal hernia only appears near the anus? This lump is located in the lower area of his stomach.

    I really don't understand what it could be. :sad: He doesn't show any signs of fatigue or sickness, and doesn't even flinch when I press the lump. It doesn't seem to bother him at all.

    I'm just sick with worry. He's already eight years old, but then again so young, I don't want to lose him! I'm taking him to the vet first thing on Monday.
  2. It sounds like a fatty tumor. If that's what it is you have nothing to worry about. A lot of older dogs get them. If it isn't causing him any pain and it moves that's probably what it is. Of course you will need to have a vet take a look to be sure. Try not to panic just yet.
  3. I'm sure it is benign. Just go to the vet first thing on Monday.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed 4 your baby.
  4. Don't panic. Lipomas (fatty tumor, BENIGN) are VERY common in dogs. In fact my male has a rather large one on his chest between the ribs-belly area.

    Call the vet Monday to confirm but MOST of these are extremely common and non threatening to your pet. :smile:
  5. My dogs both have small lumps, please do not worry. My bagel has one that was related to being spayed, the other has one under her shoulder. These are benign lumps, nothing to worry about. I, personally, have had more than my fair share of lumps. Your dog most likely has a cyst, or a benign tumor. He'll be fine. :flowers:
  6. Are you sure it's just not some cream cheese???

    LOL- I'm sorry, I'm easily amused today.
  7. We just brought our JRT to the vet for the very same reason yday. He's had tumors in the same area that were benign and had to be removed in the past. Yday dr did a biopsy and the result was fatty tumor. Hope your sheltie is okay!!!
  8. If it moves & isn't attached to anything then it should just be a fatty tumour but get it checked out anyway. Hope he will be fine!
  9. From my experience, I concur with other posts. The fatty tumors can show up very quickly and can be very large. Our collie had one removed and it was the size of a tennis ball! She has been great ever since and the operation was six years ago.
  10. I agree with everyone else. Get him checked. :smile:
  11. I agree with the everyone else, it sounds like a fatty tumor.

    I would get him checked though just in case, good vibes coming your way.
  12. How RUDE!

    Naw, she's a beagle/bassett hound.... my bagel! She's a great pooch.

  13. I got it, bagel.....cream cheese, what a cutie. you can ask your vet to do a needle biopsy and they can get a quick answer as to whether it needs further biopsy or it's just a lipoma/fatty tumor or cyst. as dogs age and gain weight, they get fatty benign tumors on the walls of the rib cage and abdomen, they usually "hang" and are easily moved/palpated. sometimes they can be painful and need removal, or they can be a sebaceous cyst, so definitely get it checked out!
  14. Pidgeon- she's a doll!!!
  15. Whew, thanks everyone for the replies. We sort of hoped it couldn't be anything serious if it moved.

    Still, it is just so huge O.o I wonder what the vet will say about it, if they have to operate it or not.