a lady & counterfeit bag

  1. hi, i just thought i'll share my experience. a few days ago, i was in winners and as i was browsing around i overheard the conversation of a lady wearing a large fake prada tote (with big prada writing on it) and a sales assistant.

    the sales assistant praised her bag saying: "oh, what a lovely bag. it's really nice."

    and the lady replied loudly: "oh, it's not real though. my friend bought it for me from china. i'd never buy the real thing. i don't see the point of wasting so much on it. hahaha"

    the sales assistant just laughed too and agreed.

    i was quite amazed to hear this. well, i never thought i'd hear such words. i might be wrong, but to me it sounds like she was pretty proud to use counterfeit items.
  2. Yea, I totally see your point here but well, I personally think that it's better she admits that it's fake rather than pretending that it's authentic... JMHO, though... :shrugs: :P
  3. that's true...
  4. A lot of people just like "the style" per say and don't really care about it being authentic.
  5. ^I agree with alice.

    Well, at least she was honest about carrying a fake. There are people out there who really don't get the big thing about carrying around an expensive designer bag. My DH's cousin makes a six-figure salary but carries around a fake LV ... she bought an authentic Fendi one time and just didn't get a thrill from it. Also my aunt (who has been practising for over 30 yrs as a family doctor) carries a fake LV too. These people have the nice house, the nice car but they really just don't get the whole designer bag thing. Each to their own ...
  6. Yes..I know what you mean I have friends and family like that too..they don't see the point why people spend so much for a bag .
  7. in my experience, people have NO idea that a knock off is truly illegal . . . they either don't give it much thought or just aren't as knowledgeable about these products.

    I don't think less of people that have NO idea, but am pretty disgusted by people that DO know it's illegal and still continue to support these products.
  8. But for many bags there are similar styles, but they don't have the NAME of a designer on them. Why not just get those bags if its only about the style?
  9. Most women I know are the same way. They're proud of their fake bags because they're so much cheaper. I don't think they notice the difference or miss the quality of the real thing, frankly.
  10. I agree -- there is a difference between a fake (counterfeit) and an inspired bag. If you like the style, then you should get the latter.
  11. Yeah, it's pretty shocking how they're PROUD to have a fake bag. I think they enjoy the thrill of trying to find the perfect fake bag at the lowest cost possible. I've seen in other forums, women who go on and on about their fake bags, sharing sourcing info, etc! Just like us, but about FAKE bags! Scary! :hysteric:
  12. I think it's just a "select few" that understand the beauty of a true designer bag. Many of my friends have the same or higher income than us and they would not EVER consider paying more than $100 on a bag!! They feel that as long as it's a nice looking leather bag, why spend a lot and who cares who made it. And these ladies dress very well, just not designer clothing. That's why I'm glad to have found TPF - others who "understand" and I don't have to hide my addiction from, lol.
  13. It's funny about the fake bags. I have a sil that buys Gucci, Burberry, Coach and LV bags. But she bought a couple of fake wallets for her LV and Coach :wtf: . I ask why she does it and she says that nobody can see the wallet, it's not a big deal. Whatever. It's not like she can't afford it either.
  14. The problem is knockoffs are available everywhere-not just online, I have seen them at the mall at kiosks, in salons, "hip-hop" shops (when shopping for my stepson I like to look young but I'm not that out of touch to think I can pull THAT off:graucho: ) so even though knockoffs have been covered on news shows and in print media, a lot of people dont believe they truly are illegal. I rarely carry my Speedy because everywhere I go I see a fake LV and it really REALLY bothers me...I know there are LV denim knockoffs out there but I dont think I have seen one so when I wear LV its my Baggy GM...I am seriously sorry I bought the Speedy in monogram-my next LV purchase will be Epi or the new Damier Azul when its out. Sorry for the long post but I was going thru all my bags earlier today and I just feel so bad for my Speedy I could cry.
  15. If you are not a bagaholic:heart: , I think it would be hard to understand spending alot of money for a bag. It's just what you are in to. My mom would spend hundreds on hats, but never on purses. I would never spend hundreds on hats but would on purses. To each their own! Fakes, don't really bother me that much, unless your pretending that they are real that to me is a little sad, at least this women was honest. :rolleyes: