A L.A.M.B. Holy Grail Story

  1. Thanks rocksteady! :flowers: You're too sweet!
  2. Yay finally!!! And not bad of a price. Grats hun
  3. Congrats!! It's a gorgeous bag :yahoo:
  4. I'm happy I helped inspire you to collect the lovely Mandeville! It's such a great bag. Your Alston is intriguing me :smile:
  5. awww YAY!! so happy you managed to get the bag, it looks perfect!!! :biggrin:
  6. Yaaaaaay! So glad that you finally managed to get this bag, I'm so happy! Its a beautiful bag.

    And I'm glad that Daphne is okay!
  7. :ty:Razorkiss, Amelie, Robot, & Hoodster!!:hugs:

    RaeBelle -
    I hope I can return the favor and inspire you to add an Alston to your gorgeous collection! :graucho:
  8. Thank goodness you got it!!!!
    I was considering buying it on my credit card and holding it until your dog situation was better...

    I am REALLY happy for you sweet girl!!!! After all the help you have given so many of us, I was very sad that it looked like you couldn't get what YOU really wanted :shucks:

    I really am totally over the moon happy for you and I bet you will be rocking it in no time!!!
    (For the record, I am 5 foot tall and I wear the giant Etoile and Selwyn and even a cheetah Devon with no concerns. I KNOW I look cool lol...) :coolio:

    Way to go girl!!!:graucho:
  9. ^Oh Shannon, your post meant so much to me. Even you just considering buying the bag for me until I could afford it blows my mind.:hugs: So generous beyond belief! Lambies are the BEST!!!:woohoo::woohoo:

    Thanks for affirming that I can rock the bag style. I'm going to try my best and try it out next week when I go back to work! Watch out world! ;)
  10. I think Shannon and I were on the same page.
    That is why I initially emailed you to see if you were gonna get it or not. I was thinking I could add a cc to my paypal account, buy it, and send it to you and you could make monthly payments or something. So glad you got it.
  11. ^OMG, you girls are going to make me cry!!:cry:

    Love my Lambies!:heart::heart:
  12. Aww, we love you too!!!
    Lambies do kinda rule lol
  13. ^YES, we do!!!:ps:

    Thanks again Shannon! Hope you grace us with some pics soon too. :graucho:

    ETA: I see you're doing that right now! YAY!
  14. You read my mind lol
    Just posting Ikat Torsten pics now
  15. Cheryl, I'm so glad you got your bag, afterall. Congrats and enjoy!

    Best wishes to your doggie :smile: