A Kooba Wonderland

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  1. I drove down to Miami today to NMLC to check out their new Kooba shipment. I thought I would pass the love around. Found some great deals on the Ginger, Annie, Paige, Jillian and Jessie. All ranging from $297 - $380. My fav sales associate, Emilene, gave me a list for the ladies on the forum. So after snagging a wonderful Bourbon Paige for $387.00.....here goes ladies......

    Ginger - $380 Terraine (Tan)
    Annie - $ 375 Oak (Brown), Auburn (Red)
    Paige - $387 Java ( Chocolate Brown), Black, Bourbon (Tan), Khaki
    Jillian - $355 Sand (LT Tan), Black
    Jessie - $297 Black, Khaki

    So all you Kooba fans.....check em out. I know alot of us got some great deals on Chloe from Emilene. She'll help you with the new Kooba's. Good luck and enjoy the deals. Oh, almost forgot, their number is 305-591-1101.

    Happy Shopping, ladies!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Aww...Emilene is the best!:heart::heart:

  3. The new NMLC store in Orlando is great too. Sheena Frazer calls me whenever they get in new Koobas. They will be having a special handbag event next month some time. I'm sure there will be an email sent out. I will probably drive down to Orlando (from Gainesville) for that, and also check out the Saks Off Fifth at the same time. The number for the Orlando store is (407) 264-2988.