A kitten nursing on my 7 year old cat who never had kittens.....

  1. I am babysitting a neighbors kitten while she is away on her honeymoon, its about 3 months old. I came home from running errands this morning and on my bed is my Molly (my misfit who I adore) and the kitten, and the kitten is NURSING on her! Molly has never had kittens and was spayed at 6 months, and she's about 7 years old.

    Molly was licking and cleaning the kitten like it was her own, and the kitten was kneading on Mollys belly and purring really loud. I just closed the door and left them both alone. I felt like I was intruding...

    Is this normal?
  2. Aww.. I think that's kind of sweet, a surrogate kitty mom! I've never had 2 cats do this before but years ago I had a siamese cat that would do this to me (um, no not exactly but..) He would crawl up into my bed & suck on my pajamas & knead with his paws~ just like he was nursing. Maybe it's a comfort thing?
  3. totally normal. my sister in law has a 3 year old chihuahua who has never had babies. she took in a stray kitten that hangs around her barn(she raises horses) and within a couple of days her chi started producing milk and kitten was nursing on her. she called the vet and he stated its very normal. if an animal senses that another is not strong, they flip a mother switch on and start producing milk in order to help the weaker animal.
  4. Ohh that sounds darling. You should video tape that! Sooo sweet. Little love bugs!
  5. Wow I didn't know that about female animals. That is such a heart warming story.
  6. Aww how cute!!!!!!!!!
  7. Aww how cute!!!!!!!!! I want a Kitty but my landlord does not allow pets. :sad:

    I saw this big fat furry kitty the other day and fell in love.
  8. soooo cute :smile:
  9. LOL I like how you closed the door and left... too funny.
  10. Too cute! Molly sounds very sweet. Sometimes I believe that animals have much more sense than humans.
  11. Aaaaw that is so cute! And actually, the same thing happened with my cousin's dog and a kitten they had. I don't know if the dog have had puppies, but she started producing milk for the kitten. Sooo adorable :love:
  12. This can happen even if Molly is spayed and never had kittens before. Some cats can become pseudo-pregnant, just like humans, and produce milk, etc. As long as the kitten is not 'hurting' Molly, I think you can just let them be...:heart:
  13. Haha, it's normal...
    I brang home a female kitten to my baby Pancake(he's two n full grown), who is male... and i caught her sucking on his belly...kneading him haha... she just missed her mommy... they still cuddle n clean each other.
  14. Oh, little love kitties! I think that is adorable, she found a mommy.
  15. Oh, thats so adorable!