a Kelly or a bolide?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Trying to get some feedback regarding the pro's and con's of getting a Kelly or a Bolide at this time... if it is the Kelly, it would be 28 cm, black.. if it is the bolide.. it would be red, 37 cm, clemence leather.. i can only get one right now, so if you have a choice, which one for now, and if you can give reasons, that would be awesome as well... any feedback would be greatly appreciated... thanks again..
  2. well that is comparing pears with apples.
    what do you need the bag for s the main question and what are you shlepping around daily. i would go with the kelly as i do find the bolide 37 too big but that is just me.
  3. hm... well what do I need the bag for? gosh, no main reason right now.. I will be starting a job soon (I hope) and just want a really nice bag... and I just want a bag...hehe, is that a good reason then? as for the size, I already have a 28 cm black plume.. and actually, I have both a Kelly and a bolide on my wishlist but cannot get them at the same time.. so just trying to figure out which would be a better option to get at this point..
  4. btw, thanks lilach for your feedback.. so the 37 cm is too big then...
  5. Personally, I would get the Bolide. Red is a hot color. A Bolide is such an easy bag to carry, easy to get into, holds a lot, and is great for everyday.
    I love Kellys, but they are too much trouble to carry if you need to be in and out of the bag all day long or if you need to carry a lot of stuff. I love them for evenings. Just one opinion.
  6. Is the Bolide rigid or Mou? The soft Mou Bolide does not look nearly as big as the rigid Bolide, which does look quite large in 37.
  7. it is the mou.. the softer one...
  8. have another question.. are they much easier to get (purchase immediately)? as in, when I go to a Hermes boutique.. they are more likely to have it there right away? I am trying to get the one right now that I will have much more difficulty in getting at a store coz there is no Hermes store close-by to my state.. i have to go back to CAli if I want to see one...
  9. The store where I shop claims that they get fewer Bolides than Kellys or Birkins. Of course the Birkins never make it to the case. Bolides are definitley rarer in the resale market, so maybe this is true. Just go with your gut, which ever bag looks better to you. And enjoy!
  10. How about a red bolide in 31? To me that is a great size and comparable with your 28 plume (wink*)....I love H colors so much so to buy your 2d bag in the same color would not be as much fun - of course IMO! I love the black kelly for nights.....
  11. I agree with Lilach, 37cm is very big. It's true that souple ones will look smaller, but it also tend to look a lot more casual. I think for work you do want something less casual (unless your company is very casual) so a rigide bag is better. As for Kelly vs. Bolide, I think it also depends on your company. I love them both but I'm more of a Kelly girl. However, I'm a financial analyst at my company so it will be inappropriate for me to carry a Kelly because of my company culture (they'll think they paid me too much), so Bolide is a safer bet in that case as not many people know it's Hermes. HTH.:flowers:
  12. heheh.. shoes.. that is exactly what I was thinking.. I have way too many black bags (well just one Hermes black bag) and only one red bag as well (my ferragamo)....... but I do want a bag right now.. but seems like that the bolides are rarer to get at the store...hmmm... that will help me decide..... thanks for the comments, ladies..
  13. I think a bolide 31 would be perfect. I personally prefer souple over rigid for the more casual look.
  14. so, Kelly's are more classic, and Bolides, more casual.... hmm.....Bolide, easier to get into... i am learning a lot, ladies.. thank you..
  15. Bolide is not necessarily more casual. A rigide Bolide can work as casual and formal, depending on how you dress. A souple Bolide on the other hand, is definitely casual.:flowers: