A jumbo present to myself!

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  1. :yahoo:

    Just got my beige caviar jumbo flap and wanted to share with all you tasteful ladies! :heart:



    thanks for looking! have a nice day everyone!
  2. Beautiful!:love: CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Ohhh! Congrats! She's LOVELY! I'm dying for one, in black.
  4. Beautiful! Congrats Minami. =)
  5. congrats!!!!
  6. congrats!
  7. thanks everyone!

    Msmustard: I want one in black too! next ...
  8. Very nice bag - lucky you! Enjoy:smile:
  9. OH that's very NICE! I like the color, not too light, not too dark. Congatulations.
  10. Very pretty ... gorgeous color for the summer! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. A stunner! Enjoy.
  12. Beautiful-
  13. thanks lovely ladies!

    Now I'm thking I need a white one and a black one! :wlae:
  14. ooh i want that ...in medium though :nuts:
  15. great buy love the jumbo size looks awsome on u!!:yahoo: