A July Nut Paraty reveal

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  1. That's beautiful! Can't wait for the modeling pictures. I'm assuming the bag was from Selfridges in London, if you don't mind, could you let us know the price after VAT? I am visiting London in November and would like to maybe snag a black paraty!
  2. Yeah got that from Selfridges London. It's 995 pounds price tag incl VAT.
    My VAT refund is about 108pounds, so net net i pay 887 pounds!

    I called up Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey and Chloe shop itself to check on color. Only Selfridges carry the nut color. But all of them carry black. My fren who helped me to buy said the chocolate is really nice. I never seen it in real life before, so i didn't think much about changing my color choice....

    btw, i read another thread on midnight blue paraty. There was a link to a UK retailer that is selling for only 800ish pounds incl VAT. Dunno how that is possible though coz i thought NAP is the cheapest and it already charges 950 pounds(incl shipping and SG sales tax).

    i will try to get modelling shots up soon.. =)
  3. Some mod shots...

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  4. nice mod shots! congrats on your new purchase :smile:
  5. Beautiful bag and gorgeous color!!! Many congrats!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Beautiful color, congratulations!! A Paraty is always a good choice.:yes:
  7. Thanks for the tip about the black paraty! I am going to see it in person in the next few weeks and then go ahead and buy it in London! Congrats again on the bag, and thanks for the lovely modeling shots. Can you wear the bag crossbody?
  8. this is a gorgeous color, is it called "nut" on the card?
  9. aimtree- yeah nut is the name for the color.

    viciouslips - i think i can wear it crossbody, but the strap is not really that long though. Might be a bit uncomfortable. See how when i sling it on my shoulder it's to my waist height already. And i am 1.6m tall, so if u r taller, it might look even more out of proportion to sling.
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