A Journey of Love ~ 05 Work from white to black

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  1. I have been so inspired reading all of the stories and hearing/seeing their experiences and results with dying and I decided to try it out myself:nuts:.

    I was thinking a work would make a great diaper bag and I could not stand the thought of carrying one of my newer Bal's so first I needed a bag to work on. I picked up this very well loved and stained 05 white work bag for a heck of a deal. It had orange stains, and tons of dirt and yellowing when I received her. I originally tried to clean her thinking it may be worth a shot. Well, of course the cleaner did not take out the stains and other problems so I decided to go ahead with my project.

    To start the I did two sessions of the stripper/prep to make sure everything was off of the bag completely. I used a steel wool scrubbie and really made sure to get it scrubbed into all the nooks and crannies. I then taped up all of the hardware and interior zipper hoping to avoid dying them as well.
    I set up my little "work station" with a few puppy pads (so if I spilled it would not soak through the newspaper) and it was a good thing I did because of course I spilled, lol:P. I used a small ceramic dish to set the bottle of dye in and collected a few different sizes of paint brushes, dobbers and sponges for applying. I also had rubber gloves and few scrap cloths as well just in case I needed them.

    Here are pics of the bag stripped and taped and ready to go. Also is a shot of my "work station" after round 2 showing what I used.
    Project Work and Miu Miu 013.JPG Project Work and Miu Miu 014.JPG Project Work and Miu Miu 015.JPG Project Work and Miu Miu 016.JPG work stage 2 007.JPG
  2. Good luck!!! waiting for first resuts.....:flowers::popcorn::party:
  3. Here are the pics after I finished round one. I used a fine paint brush on all of the seams and stitching to make sure it was saturated well and would not come off or show the white. This took me a looooooong time to make sure all of the seams were covered. I used a whole bottle on just the first round and even though it was super thin and light it took a ton of dye to do the edges and everything right.
    You can still see the seams/cracks after the first round of dye even though I covered everything as I applied it as lightly as I could.
    Project Work and Miu Miu 020.JPG Project Work and Miu Miu 021.JPG Project Work and Miu Miu 022.JPG Project Work and Miu Miu 024.JPG
  4. Here she is after the second coat of dye. I ended up taking the tape off because it just ended up getting in the way and keeping me from being able to get in between the hardware and the leather. As I was going along I would add a coat to the mirror and inside trim also.
    work stage 2 002.JPG work stage 2 003.JPG work stage 2 004.JPG work stage 2 006.JPG work stage 2 007.JPG
  5. Wow!
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    and finally here she is after the third and final coat of dye:love:. It turned out perfect and I am so happy. I used the sponges provided in the box with the Terrago dye but I found the brushes to be to big so I used smaller paintbrushes for the details/seams. Since I removed the tape after the first coat of dye I had to remove some dye from the hardware but it was super easy and came right off with my fingernail or a toothpick for those hard to get to spots.
    It is still yummy and smooth and has that distinct 05 leather feel to it still. I finished it up with a coat of LMB pro-treatment and ultimate moisturizer and then added some 06 black tassels (I don't like how the dye stiffens up the tassels for some reason) and my Coach charm and whalla:yahoo:! She's ready for a day on the town. I did all of this a few weeks ago and the bag has broken in even more and the color has not faded or come off at all.
    It was kind of a long process but I highly recommend it to anyone who has a Bal bag that needs saving. For me to have it done elsewhere would have been 500 bucks so for these results for under 20$ I could not be happier. After I did all of the small details and patches now you could never tell it was white.:graucho:
    finished work 020.JPG finished work 011.JPG finished work 014.JPG finished work 015.JPG finished work 013.JPG
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    a few more pics:biggrin:
    finished work 016.JPG finished work 017.JPG finished work 019.JPG Work inside 001.JPG Work inside 007.JPG
  8. I am so impressed! Wow, it looks great! What a great job you did.
  9. It really looks fabulous! This may be the best DIY dye job yet in my opinion!! Did you use the Tarrago self shine dye or the penetrating dye??
  10. Thank you so much Muggles, Crred and Little:heart:

    LittleDragon~ I used the Terrago self-shine:smile: I had heard about possible peeling if the primer was not done enough so I did two coats of that just to be safe first. All finished it has a nice satiny finish and I am really happy with the results.
  11. Good to know!! I hope I will come across an used bag some day and dye it myself after seeing your result!!
  12. GREAT JOB!!! When you say Primer, are you talking about the Stripper/Prep? If not, what was the Primer you used? Thanks! :smile:
  13. Wow, awesome job!
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    Hi Dizzy ~ I just used the primer/stripper that came with the dye;). I bought a box set with the primer and dye in it and then just picked up an extra bottle of the dye.

  15. Thanks! Be sure to post back in a couple of months to let us know how it's doing!! :smile: