a job with more headaches but also more money-should i take it?

  1. I have a job but i recently interviewed for another company for a simular position and i got the news today that job is being offered to me. My being hesitant is this-the new position is a bit more money(which i'm tempted by), more responsibilities and its closer to home however, from all the info i gathered it would be kind of fast paced and i will have to deal many different departments and handle a lot of their issues and requests so i can see this being quite stressful. In contrast, my current job while pay is not the greatest, i have very little stress at work, i have mostly nice coworkers, my boss is quite laid back but new boss is i think would be quite demanding. The interviewer told me that he really wants someone who "gets" it right away and gets rather impatient if you don't deliver whatever at the snap of his fingers. That's really making me rethink this offer. It seems like its more money but more stress:confused1:
  2. I think it just all depends on your temperament and what you are comfortable with. Personally, I wouldn't be happy in a slow-paced, stress-free environment. I like deadlines and having expectations, but I also don't get stressed easily. I just like being very productive. You're being paid for each hour you spend at work, so you just have to think of it in terms of what it would be worth to you. Could you speak with someone who does work under this person already? Maybe that would give you a better idea of what they are like as a manager.
  3. I think it depends on how much you need the money. A good friend of mine make double (or more) than me, but she is miserable at her job. There is no way I would trade a job I love for the money and the headaches. It just isn't worth it in the long run. However, if you really need the money, or if you are one of those people who just goes with the flow, then maybe it isn't a bad choice. We all have this 'feeling' about what we should do. What is your 'feeling' telling you?
  4. You've mentioned that you have health problems, and that should figure prominently in your assessment of your potential new boss. Will he be as supportive of you as your current boss? Will your new coworkers be as supportive toward you?

    There are some managers who get impatient with just about everyone. And an employee's health issue, even if it doesn't impact their job performance, can rankle the hard-driving Type A, especially if they're the sort who is incapable of any sort of human sympathy or empathy.

    I've had to deal with health issues while working, as have friends, and there are some bosses who are real peaches, who are kind, supportive, the whole nine yards, and there are coworkers who will bend over backward for an ailing coworker. But there are some sharks out there too who will bite off the nearest appendage of any employee with a vulnerability. Obviously you want the former sort of boss and coworkers, and if that's the sort of situation you enjoy right now, you might want to stick with it.

    Congratulations on the job offer! Even if it doesn't turn out to be the sort of position you're looking for, it does feel good to feel wanted. :smile:
  5. I'm surprised you're even considering this job. As soon as the interviewer said...... he really wants someone who "gets" it right away and gets rather impatient if you don't deliver whatever at the snap of his fingers.
    Snap of his fingers! I don't freakin think so. I would have ran out of there and said see ya. No money in world is worth working with this guy.
  6. I would think of Plan C (Plan A take new job and B stay at old place).

    Plan C would be IF the new job sucks and say you got fired or get incredibly unhappy - what's the job market like for you? When you were looking, were there lots of jobs in your field? Did you get called into a lot of interviews? If yes, maybe the new job is a whole new risk / challenge and you'll end up learning more + get paid more etc. And if it doesn't work out....at least you know there WERE other jobs out there that you saw while you were looking.

    Honestly, Type A is subjective. If you're a go-getter yourself, you might find the new boss a great change of pace and someone who "gets" you more than the old boss who's laid back (which isn't that good sometimes).
  7. thank you. I do have concerns whether the new boss going to be as nice or as understanding as my current one. Right now, its never a big deal if i have to go to the doctor or whatever(and i certainly try not to abuse it) but not all employers like that, like you said. Even though its more money, i'm not sure i would be better off moving elsewhere
  8. job market is not the greatest where i am so i really hated it, i may end up somewhere in even worse situation. The only jobs available that i see are paying even less(with more work) that i already get. When i got my current job, at the time, it was sort of "well, they offered me a job and i better take it" because i was laid off and unemployed for 6 month at least. However, it turned out to be not such a bad deal because my boss likes me, my coworkers are cool and i can handle my job no problems or stress. BUT pay stinks. Ergo me looking for something better paying. However, i'm starting to think that maybe i'm better off poor than having to deal with some jerk of a boss(because that's what he sounds like)
  9. TOTALLY agree!!
  10. I think it's a question of how much more money you're being offered and how much you need that money. I also think it's a matter of how much this new job could further your career. I honestly think you should take the job. It sounds like an upgrade from your old job and this could be an opportunity to gain more experience and be beneficial to your career aspirations in the future.

    I think it just depends on your personality and what you want in life. Some people are perfectly happy making an "ok" wage but having little to no job stress. Others are happy to be constantly striving to get a promotion/higher wage but having many responsibilities/stress. I personally would take this new job. It's more money and a chance to gain experience, have responsibilites and show your talents. Even if you end up hating it, you'll have gained experience that you could use on your resume that could help you get an even BETTER job. Sometimes a bit more responsibility and stress can be healthy, you'll never know unless you try!
  11. Money isn't everything.

    Stress outweighs money every day, every way.
  12. Sounds like you're mostly happy with your current job and sounds like you'd be mostly unhappy with the new one. Depends how much more money it it? If it's not a huge raise you might be better off staying where you are. The grass isn't always greener... :smile:
  13. sometimes we think that something is hard but once we're pushed to that limit; we find we can handle it after all.

    sometimes we can't.

    you say this job will be more stressful, are you absolutely certain? if so i wouldn't risk it. because stress will cost you more in the end then the difference in pay now will cover.

    meaning stress = high blood pressure, can lead to poor diet, depression and/or anxiety..all of which will deteriorate your health at a faster rate (and considering your health isn't the best right now..) which will lead to higher health care costs, which having had health problems and dealing with the doctor bills and medication..you should know..unless they're paying you a difference of like 1,000$ per hour..or something insane i wouldn't consider it.
  14. See, that's what I mean. Even if you can handle the additional job stress, if the Boss is difficult, no money is worth it.

    It's not the job tasks that are making me leave where I am, it's the silly-assed boss.
  15. Have you considered asking for a raise at your current job? You could always say that you've been recruited/headhunted for another position and that you would like to stay in your current role, but the other one pays more (I wouldn't mention that you sought out the new job yourself). It is a bit of a "dirty trick", but if you've been at the job for awhile and doing a great job, you're probably due for a raise soon anyways.

    I would never take a job if your first gut instinct is that you're not going to like it. I took a summer job at a company that I already felt unsure about, but it was the only summer contract position I could find (the job I really wanted was permanent, and I would have to quit after a few months). I HATED that position. It ended up being the most miserable 4 months of my life. So if you're in a job that you're happy with, don't take this other job just for money. Since you have a job, you can continue to apply for other positions and wait until you find something perfect for you-you aren't in a position where you need to take the very first job offered to you.