A J in the year of K?

  1. I just picked something up today but on the stamp, it clearly says J instead of K...how could this happen?:sweatdrop:
  2. and it is something big too...something that would fly off the shelf in less than an hour
    could this be a return or :confused1: ...
  3. No, not necessarily! I once knew someone who purchased a gorgeous chevre birkin and it was more than a year old by the datestamp, but it was fresh from the box.

    So....what is it????
  4. Show us!!! Quick!

    PS: Yes, it's still possible. The bag was made and QC'ed probably in Dec 2006. And Paris didn't ship it out to your store until recently!

    Enjoy your bag! It does not mean that it's a return!
  5. That sounds more reassuring...considering that I got excused from work early to travel almost 2 hours to pick this beauty up...:p
  6. i got an "i" stamp bag from the boutique a little over a month ago and was secretly pleased about it after all the posts regarding concerns about decrease in quality.

    hey, what's in that gorgeous box???
  7. A little hint...dark chestnut? More to reveal after I freshen up
  8. Quick! What's in the box?

  9. Oh Yeah?? What bag, HH???? Did I miss something, as usual?
  10. Something is Clemence Etoupe?
  11. ^etoupe clemence is sooo hot!!! If I could get my hands on one of those I wouldn't care what year it was...

    I was shown an "I" a few days ago, so I guess they keep those babies around in the back.
  12. Spill!!!!!
  13. One more clue, picturing Monsieur Ford dressed in a marron suit with a shiny gold necklace...:graucho:
  14. :confused1:
  15. Come come on what is it? :smile: