A HUGE thanks to First Class!

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  1. I have typed this out twice and lost it.

    I wanted to extend a huge thanks to First Class. I commented how much I loved the Blue India purse that Danae had gotten months ago. But it seemed as if there was only one of them ever made. If you remember, FC had conducted a worldwide search for one with the help of PFers. She PM'ed me and told me that if she found two, she would let me know. I was thinking there is no way she is even going to find one, let alone two. So about a month later, she let me know that Cult Status had gotten in a new order of purses and I should email them. She had found her BI purse and they had another one but it was already sold. I thought it would be useless but I did it. It turned out that they had gotten two BI purses and in ink purse. So I did and they told me the second buyer on the waiting list had changed their mind. I asked for more photos of the BI purse and they sent more of the ink! I was sweating bullets worrying that they were going to sell the BI purse in the meantime. See I can only email them during the day here, which is night there. If we have a miscommunication (i.e. they READ the email wrong), it takes 24 hours to hear back again from them based on the time differences. So the next day, they told me they still had it and I bought it! I love it. It is gorgeous. I NEVER in a million years would have found one without FC. Thanks again, FC!
  2. Congrats on finding your dream bag, Allisonfaye!
    Firstclass is an eternal do-gooder. She is always supportive and helpful to other members' quests. Thanks for everything from me too, Firstclass! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. Awwwwwwwwww... I love it when PF'ers help eachother out!

    Firstclass is always the voice of reason and she is always ready to help - I know she has assisted so many others on this forum too (including me)

    Congrats on finding your dream purse, and thanks firstclass for being such a lovely person!
  4. Awww! That sweet! I hope you love your purse! That just go to show that there are still people in the world that aren't just out for themselves and we have a GREAT group of people here on the forum! :heart:
  5. yes! congrats the BI is amazing!! post pics please, and yes ,first class is so sweet always helpful:yes:
  6. So nice! Thanks for sharing a great story.
  7. yayyyy congrats on getting ur dream b bag... and firstclass, that's very nice of you.
    good karma will come along the way :yes:
    we wish you all the b bag happiness in the world :p
  8. CONGRATS Allisonfaye and kudos to First Class who sounds like a very sweet and thoughtful lady!
  9. It's funny. I was closely watching her worldwide search but I knew I would let her have the first one knowing most likely there wouldn't be a second one. I guess good karma is right. :smile:
  10. I nominate Firstclass for PFer of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!

    For all her acts of kindness and being the best b-bag sleuth in the WORLD!
  11. And BTW -- isn't BI the best???? I love mine and use it all year-round. It's such a pop of pretty color and really MAKES any outfit! Good choice, ladies!

    Now for some pics, please!!
  12. Yes- pics, PICS!!! What an incredible story- congrats on finding a holy grail and SNAPS TO FIRSTCLASS!!!!!!!!
  13. Firstclass is definitely a sweetheart. So glad the BI purse does exist and you were able to find one!
  14. Awww big sis does it again!!! :love: What a lovely story! :yahoo:
    :dothewave: :party:
  15. Congrats on your purse, I'm sure your purse will always be special to you. It's nice to hear of someone being so nice, most people only care about themselves. Firstclass sounds like a really nice person. People like her make the purse forum such a cool place.:yahoo: