A Huge Shout Out To My AMAZING FRIEND "Boxermom"!!!!

  1. Ladies and Gents,
    Im sure there are lots of you here who have had the honor of meeting or talking to Boxermom. I would really like to start this thread in her honor for being the most compasionate, warm and giving woman I have ever met in my entire life. Yes, my entire life.
    Boxermom/Pat has not only been here for me in times of good and bad but she also helped out my best friend to whom was passing of cancer several months ago. She never spoke or saw one picture of my dear friend Carolyn yet she gave so generously to help her out. Just amazes me to this day.
    I have also had some not so great experiences in the past also, and who was there to pick me up time and time again, yes........of course it was Boxermom.:crybaby: I would like for anyone who knows of this angel of a woman just to send here a warm hello and let her know exactly how much she means to us and how very important she is in our lives!
    I am posting some pictures of Pats generosity and heart of gold. Due to the recent loss of some bags I had Pat has sent me the most beautiful gifts to brighten my days and beging my new collection!
    My dearest Pat,
    Thank you for being you, and showing everyone on this entire forum that angels do exist. I so respect you and your gentle soul. There will never be enought thanks in this world to let you know how much I appreciate how much you have done for me and others on this forum!

    THANK YOU!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU HERE ON TPF!!!:heart::yes::heart::tup::heart::yahoo:
  2. Here are the pictures of my beautiful Bottega Veneta bag, cosmetic clutch and coin wallet! Arent they absolutely georgeous?!!!:nuts: Thought I'd add of pic of all of my goodies together and what all fits with room to spare in my "dream bag":love:
    Ebay Pics 785.jpg Ebay Pics 788.jpg
  3. Gorgeous bag and clutch. :drool:

    Boxermom, you're amazing!:heart:
  4. Boxermom, you are truly an angel!:heart:

    Ranskimmie, congrats on your new goodies, and more importantly congrats on having a great friend like Boxermom!:yahoo:
  5. Wow, that's amazing!! Look at all those goodies, picked out with so much care. Congratulations on having such a great friend!

    Boxermom, you are the best!! :woohoo:
  6. Boxermom is an amazing and wonderful woman, and I am proud to know her.
  7. She is such a sweetheart and we are blessed to have her on our forum!

  8. Here Here!!!:woohoo::drinkup:
  9. I don't think anyone could have imagined just how incredible this forum would be. I am so sorry for your personal losses ranskimmie, if anyone is most deserving it's you. It's a gross understatement to say Boxermom is such an amazing woman, it really takes my breath away to know that kindness to this degree does exist.
  10. Wow, what a sweetie! This forum is amazing with amazing members!
  11. Boxerman is the greatest!
  12. Wow! :nuts: GO BOXERMOM! :yahoo: You rock! That is absolutely amazing - Boxermom, you are an angel :heart:
  13. Boxermom you are a wonderful lady *hugs*
  14. Yahoo! Boxermom rocks!!!
  15. That was soo nice of her!