A Hug for shopmom/A Plume for me

  1. Ok, you guys, I DID IT!!! Spoke with shopmom's SA, who happens to be INCREDIBLE!!! He's shipping a 31cm epsom plume in orange with gold hardware to me by next-day fedex. He quoted me the price of $4900, but he said he checked in the computer, and the item actually came up $5300. So he said since he told me 4900, he'd let me have it for that price.

    I'm a little leery about the gold hardware. Not a big fan of gold, but he told me the gold is a very light gold.

    My Hermes family is pretty much complete for me: birkin; kelly; trim; garden party, and now plume.

    SHOPMOM: I owe this all to you!!! A round of applause for shopmom, please!!!
  2. Yay for shopmom!

    And double yay for you jehaga! Can't wait to see photos! My orange plume is in gold, and there's very little hardware on this bag so it's not too noticeable. Plus, it goes well with the orange IMO.
  3. naaaaaa...:shame: I'm just so glad I could help! That's really a lovely bag, Jehaga...and I think you'll love it gold hardware and all. Post pics as soon as she lands on your doorstep!!!!!

    :flowers: :flowers:
  4. Orange with gold is the way to go...trust me on that!!! The price is great...sort of a discount I would say...we love that!!!!

    A big toast to you! Congratulations!!!!

    I love when people get the bags they really, really desire.

    On another note...shopmom, can your SA hook me up too? Hee hee. I love this networking!!!
  5. Yayyyy!! I'm so excited for you!! And, you, Shopmom, is SO wonderful!!:heart: :flowers:
  6. Yay Jehaga and yay shopmom!!
    I think that's so great that he gave it to you for the cheaper price! I didn't know they could do that!
    Can't wait to see pics!
  7. Congrats Jehaga! I cannot wait to see pics- it sounds gorgeous!!!

    And big kudos to Shopmom for helping Jehaga out! I love this place!
  8. Congrats!!! I'm happy for you and you will love the orange with gold - I always felt the orange looked better with gold - congrats and can't wait for pics! And shopmom is super!
  9. psst.....there's a 28cm souple black box Kelly with ruthenium hw tucked in the backroom at the SF store.....didn't see it but my SA told me about it when I called earlier for that "other" thing he's holding for me.......(no. it's NOT a bag....) ......

    just in case anyone's looking for a gorgeous Kelly with an edge....(that Ruthenium hw is tdf);)
  10. Yay Jehaga!! Congrats!!! and big Yay for shopmom! You are super!!
    I agree the Orage will look GREAT with gold! woo next day shipping! we get to see new picture very very soon

    woo Jehaga's family potrait is going to be TDF. Perfect colors for ALL OF THEM!! :love::love::love:
  11. Way to go, shopmom, go.

    BTW, have to agree with everyone else, orange will look better with gold hardware, IMO.
  12. Congrats Jehaga! Now you have the entire family going!! :amuse:
  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Shopmom is a CHAMPION!!!!!:yes:
  14. OMG, congratulations!!! I saw that bag just last Saturday! Shopmom is a doll!
  15. How exciting!!! What a great color. I prefer silver hardware too but I think the gold hardware will look good with the orange. It's not that noticable on the Plume anyway. I can't wait to see your pictures.

    Shopmom, you're the best.