A horroe story that ends well.....


Sep 23, 2007
Yesterday I received my 4th MK bag and it was one that I had wanted for quite a while now. I finally found one at a great price on Ebay and it was delivered yesterday.

I was tracking the package all day at work when I noticed that the package has been "succesfully delivered". Well, that is great and all but there was noone at my place to sign for the package. I finally got home and we had just gotten a blast of winter with a snow storm so as I was trekking my way up to my condo, I noticed my package tucked inside my screen door. My first thought was " Oh no!". The package was soaked!

I quickly tore open the package and that's when I noticed it. A HUGE wet spot on the leather. My first thought was to grab my hair dryer and try drying it but decided to just let it air dry. 2 hours later I checked on the bag and all was well. You couldn't even tell where the wet spot was!!

The bag that I got was the bright sunshine yellow medium pushlock satchel. I love her and the leather is fantastic. No pics right now b/c I am way too lazy but I just had to post about the great leather.

Note: Horroe not horroe lol
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Mrs. Mac

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Dec 11, 2008
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KUDOS to MK for making leather that does not stain in the rain even when it is not pre-treated by us with anything!!!!! Not many designer brands can say that (and we all know which one cant!!!!) I am SO happy to hear your story had a happy ending! and I bet that sunshiney yellow purse will look GREAT up against the white snow!!!!! CONGRATS and I cant wait to see pics!!!