a horrible thing happened!


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Aug 26, 2009
i was getting ready to go out tonight, so i picked up my inglot palettes out of the cabinet and put them on the table so i can decide which one to choose from, and as i'm turning with them my gold/bronze palette flips (as if slow motion) off the top of the stack (stupid magnets) and proceeds to fall face down on the floor.

of course each tray falling out of the palette holder face down and managing to completely dislodge one of the eyeshadows! and then trying to pick it up it split into multiple pieces :sad:

so now i have to ask, would you guys throw these out? would you still use them? what about the cracked/crumbled one? they fell on a hardwood floor.

i had to use my purple one tonight instead as a precaution.

i really dont want to have to re-buy these 5 shadows.



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Mar 30, 2008
You can re-press them. Check YouTube videos for fixing cracked e/s & blushes from depotting.

Sorry this happened!
Oct 2, 2008
I would just throw it away, but that's just me :P. I'd be worried about dust/germs too. My eyes become irritated/red at the slightest provocation so I wouldn't risk it if you have sensitive eyes.
Dec 30, 2011
Durham, UK
I imagine it's already full of germs considering the brush is applied to your eyes and put back in the powder. Unless the floor was visibly dusty or dirty then I'm pretty sure it will be fine.

If I were you I'd either try to re press it, or if that doesn't work then crush it and use it as a loose powder shadow. I actually find that they blend better when crushed.


May 24, 2009
Left Coast, USA
You do repot with rubbing alcohol so that pretty much takes care of that.
Powder eyeshadows don't hold germs very well, and you can sanitize them (I do) I think Koren on You Tube has a good video on that, also check Wayne Goss, I think he might have talked about sanitizing eyeshadows.


Oct 23, 2011
THANK YOU for the rubbing alcohol tip! I had no idea you could repot eyeshadows.. thats great. I always just saved mine in individual tiny containers and would still use them as eyeshadows.