A Horrible SA - I have to tell someone

  1. I have never posted on this forum but look at it a lot. I use to only purchase LV items but now I am falling in love with Chanel. I went to the Saks in St. Louis, Missouri and the SA was such a snob. I purchased a pearl necklace and earrings and even though the price on the necklace said $725.00 she charged me $795.00. When I got to my car I noticed the difference and went back in. She said that the $725.00 was a mistake but she would honor it. I decided to call some other stores and she lied to me and she was so fake and rude when I confronted her. I then went to the store on Oct. 16th and loved several bags and she did not even mention the egc event, which unfortunately I did not know about until after the fact. I am just so frustrated because it just seems like she should have mentioned the upcoming event to see if that would help me make a decision in buying one or two bags. Now that I have missed it, I am going to end up buying the same two bags from Nordstrom and missing out on a discount. Just frustrated but it finally got me to post for the first time. Thanks for listening.
  2. thats not nice at all, I feel really bad for you.
  3. I agree, some of the Chanel SAs here in Toronto are fairly snobby as well. Don't worry, you aren't the only one who's getting snobbed off. Next time, give the sale to someone else! Don't get mad, get even right? :smile:
  4. Actually, I did get mad enough that I took back the necklace and earrings because I can get it from someone else. I just can't stand people who try to act above others.
  5. That is horrible! It would make me so mad too. Is it possible to complain to someone other than the horrible SA, and get someone to adjust things? Department stores make their rules and sometimes bend them. The Chanel Boutique is so strict, they never bend the rules... but department stores may.
  6. That SA sounds like a right jerk!:cursing: I agree with Jayne, complain to the manager, maybe they can extend the EGC event for you. Speak up, the squeaky wheel get's the grease! :yes:

    And don't take her treatment personal, it's obvious she's got issues :noggin:
  7. I think that's great that you returned the necklace! Good for you. I've done that before, passed on buying a purse (although I was ready) because the SA was snooty. I just go back another time and find someone else to my liking and buy from them.
  8. I was always so scared to post and love reading what everyone has to say. Thanks so much for actually making me smile right now. This is actually a lot of fun!!! I wrote the post and took a shower to see if anyone would reply. I have never talked to anyone on the internet. Thanks again!!!
  9. Gosh, what a mean SA! You'd think they would be nicer to you to get more sales and commission right?? UGH, that makes me mad. I'm sorry you had to deal with that!
  10. Sorry about your bad experience. It's her loss anyway. I'm sure there any plenty of other SAs out there who would love to help you out. Forget that mean woman.:yucky:
  11. Oh No, I'm so sorry to hear that! That's terrible. But I'm also surprised as I've always had wonderful experience with the CHANEL SA there at Saks. Was this SA the "Chanel" SA (her name begins with N?) or Saks handbags SA?
  12. Trust me that SA is not the only snobby SA. I have had WORSE.
    My case is kinda like yours, SA did not mention the giftcard event. I ended up buying two bags from her without knowing that the gift card event was within a week. I found out about the gift card event on the day of the event. So i went back home brought my 2 bags and asked her to do a refund for me. I was going to rebuy them so i could get a $400 gift card. Anyhow she simply told me she could not because she was too busy and on a day like this they were not allowed to do returns. I was furious with her!!! esp when one of the bags was completely sold out so there was no way for me to buy another one and return my old one. But i was very very lucky that day, i somehow managed to talk to another SA and the other SA did the returns and rebuy for me so i could get a $400 gift card. I loved how nice she was to me and i was sooo happy at the end that i ended up buying another bag from her!! The first SA i mentioned ALWAYS give me dirty looks everytime i see her now but whatever i dont care! At first i didnt know why she had to be so rude but i learned later on because she lost her commissions. In my point of view she also lost me and some of my friends and family as customers too.
    so Cheer up hun!
  13. I never understand why some SA's are not nice. They work on commission, so I assume they would be nice, friendly and diligent to increase their sales. I guess this is not always the case.
    I would have returned the items too...buy them from someone who deserves the sale.
  14. I'm glad you returned the jewlery. I hope you have a new, nicer SA to deal with now.
  15. What a witch....I would take the time to go back to the store and speak to a manager. Explaining the situation might get you the EGC and your purchases you returned back, with more attentive service by the manager.

    Seriously give it a try...what have you got to lose...a little time, but a lot to gain from it.

    Good Luck.:tup: