A Holiday Patchwork Day

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  1. My husband and I jumped in the car today to go to Madison, two hours away. Not only was I looking at all the stores that carried Coach for hidden treasure, but we were also looking for the 10 Year Sharp Cheddar (don't ask, my pug dog already ate it). Anyway...

    First stop, Macy's. Nothing spectacular, I got to see the new patchwork but didn't love it, saw some bags at 25% off marked price as well (leather duffles with stitching on the sides?). But no treasures to be found.

    Then off to the Boston Store. They had some blue signature w/white leather duffles and a lonely holiday patchwork wristlet marked at 40 bucks. She came home with me but she probably won't stay, I just couldn't leave her there, lol.

    Then off to TJ Maxx where again, holiday patchwork demi (2005). Brought her home too but won't keep her.

    All in all, it was enough of a trip to learn that I don't like the new stuff enough to buy it, but you CAN find certain hidden treasures, not the ones I want but maybe someday.
  2. i hope you find something you want really badly next time. at least you had a coach-filled day (which is never bad ;) )
  3. It was much fun! We accidentally went the wrong way and found an outlet center I didn't know about, which is bringing in Coach in the summer! That's only about 45 minutes away, eeeeee!:yahoo:
  4. How much was the patchwork? Can I see a pic? I think that's my purse that got away...
  5. I can't believe you found those @ TJ's. I may have to become a frequent shopper in there in purse dept.
  6. SHUT UP!!!! Patchwork at TJ Mackers??????????????? Oh oh oh! I am so hitting up TJM on Tuesday. Dang. I bet they don't ship the patchwork here though.
  7. And to think, I left one behind lol. There were two demis !
  8. Where is the TJ Maxx in Madison?! I know there is a Marshall's on the East side and one on the West side, but I didn't know about the TJ Maxx! And it stinks because only Macy's and the west side Boston Store carry Coach - nothing on the east side. Grr. Dooney, but no Coach.
  9. It's by West Town, sort of, I think LOL. We did both West Town and West Gate, but I found it on the TJ Maxx site to begin with...
  10. 510 Westgate Mall
  11. Thanks! I'll look it up!