A History of Hermes - A Japanese Manga/Comic Book

  1. Tosca, Grand Fonds - this thread is dedicated to the two of you.

    I read the entire comic book yesterday night. It's basically a history of hermes. The author interviewed Dumas (current CEO) during his business trips to Japan for an accurate portrail. This book begins with the origin of Hermes, debut of various product ranges, difficulties through the war, etc.

    Here's a selection from the book.

    Photo 1 - Book Cover
    Photo 2 - Dumas-Hermes contributed to the book
    Photo 3 - Original 24 Faubourg
    Photo 4 - Debut of HAC
    Photo 5 - Discovery of the zipper
    cover.JPG dumas.JPG original 24.JPG HAC debut.JPG zipper.JPG
  2. Photo 1 - Discovery of the zipper leading to a series of new products

    Photo 2 - Trademark registered

    Photo 3 - Stars and Handbags

    Photo 4 - Grace Kelly

    Photo 5 - Range of Kelly bags

    The End.
    bags galore.JPG patent.JPG bags and ladies.JPG Grace kelly.JPG Kellys.JPG
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  9. COOL! Who would have thought -- a Hermes manga?
  10. Tokyo girl - You have to read it. Your Japanese is much better than mine. BTW, did you see how the illustrator managed to put Patina on Grace Kelly's Bag. I just love those little details.
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