A high fasion/purse collector's present for less $100

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  1. I have been dating a girl who is in love with Marc Jacobs bags and has quite the collection coming together. I have been away on business for almost a month now and am hoping to pick up a fun but appreciable present for around or under $100 to bring back or pick up before seeing her. I will only have a half a day (a Sunday) once I get back to go and find this item and would have to be available in the Bay Area, CA.

    ANY ideas or possibilities to try would be much appreciated and would earn me some awesome boyfriend points.
  2. It's always tough when you're on a budget... I'll get back to this post in a few and give you specifics...
  3. Check out some MJ coin purses. Those are cute and are pretty cost effective.

    So very nice of you!!
  4. Thanks for the quick replies! The coin purses are a great idea and i do know that she would still appreciate MBMJ.

    I found out there is a Marc Jacobs store about 40 minutes from where I am that could be a possibility. Do the retail store usually have some of their small items? I see a couple clutches and coin purse types that look right up her alley online but worry about getting them on time and would prefer to spend the money on the bag and not the shipping.

    Is shopbop a reliable retailer, I always here about the authenticity issues from her but that is usually ebay but thought I should check.
  5. If you are near a Nordstrom, they are having their Anniversary sale and have had lots of nice things on the small leather goods tables, including an MBMJ clutch/wallet (sorry I don't know how much it was).
  6. shopbop is completely reliable and has good customer service.

    i'm sure the MJ store would carry the smaller items. good luck!
  7. If you're able to make it into San Francisco, go to the MBMJ store on Fillmore Street - I'm sure they'll have a good selection of wallets, clutches and coin purses. Usually his boutiques have a range of "Special Items" which are extremely reasonably priced (like $25 for a t-shirt) - you could give those a look too! Good luck :biggrin:
  8. Ok everyone thanks for the help I'll post up what I end up getting tomorrow and where aboutst I got it. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be back in the future!
  9. WOW a little bit of a wait there hu? Sorry everyone, I did end up going to a local Nordstrom and that actually had a great selection of smaller coin purses and bags. I ended picking up a Marc by Marc Jacob coin purse and attached a photo below. Oh and she loves it very much

    AGAIN thanks for all the help you are all amazing and I'm sure I be back in the future for my purse purchasing needs. THANKS!


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  10. Very cute! You're a sweet boyfriend!
  11. Aw - so sweet! Good taste!!!
  12. a really beautiful purse-hanger ; ) The ones I see are always plastic-ugly
  13. It isn't easy buying something for a friend who has "everything."
    Perhaps you should think smaller.
    For example, how about a charm for her purse or cellphone?
    If your friend travels, how about designer luggage tags?

  14. Ohhhh you are soooooo sweet! I wish my BF were as thoughtful as you!